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Why Tilda Swinton chose to sleep at the Museum of Modern Art.

 Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton via youtube.

Actress Tilda Swinton has caused many to wonder as to why she chose to participate in an arts project which had her yesterday sleep in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art in full view.

The current performance piece is a repeat of a performance piece that the actress participated in a piece called ‘The Maybe’ in London in 1995 with artist Cornelia Parker, that later showed in Rome of that year.

Saturday’s performance had Swinton reprising her role in which she laid inside a glass on top of a mattress, with just her glasses and a carafe of water, during MoMA’s Saturday operating hours, of 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

“The Maybe,” part of the MoMA’s effort to share “historic” performance art, will be staged about six more times this year—each time “unannounced and in a different location in the Museum.” It’s understood that Swinton will be starring in each upcoming performance.

The performance by the 52 year old actress comes on the heels of her continuing retinue of unorthodox performances where she has made a name for herself.

Then again it could all be about the actress’ desire to partake in art projects where Swinton gets to flex her acting chops in public spectacle although in a less combative supple way whilst not having to utter a single word.

After all what actress would want to pass up an opportunity to intrigue and tantalize on the spot audience members whilst they get off in the silent thrill of being watched and marveled over?

Then there was this comment on the web that caught my attention too: totally… this is just a cry for attention… “look at me everyone… I do odd things just to draw attention to myself.”

  • Nick Reseda


    Up and coming brilliant Filmmaker Antonio Racciano (2013) has been making an impressive showing throughout the Indy circuit. We had the good fortune to meet at the Toronto Film Festival in 2012 when he was making his film debut as an actor in Ben Affleck’s Argo, playing a small cameo role as “The Waiter”, in the scene at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. I had the good fortune to sit down with Antonio for an impromptu interview.

    Me: How are you enjoying Toronto?

    Antonio Racciano: I love it, I grew up not too far from here in Buffalo.

    Me: Right across Peace Bridge.

    Antonio: Yes, that’s right. My family and I would come to Toronto quite frequently and we always had a great time. It’s a beautiful city.

    Me: What have you been working on?

    Antonio: Well, I’m here in support of Ben Affleck and his movie Argo, in which I make a cameo appearance.

    Me: I saw it, you did a great job. How fun…

    Antonio: Thank you, I had a good time doing it.

    Me: I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t have any lines in the film.

    Antonio: Yes, I didn’t want any..

    Me: Why?

    Antonio: ..I just felt like this is Ben’s movie and I just wanted to make a cameo appearance for fun…be on the set and have a good time…it was an extraordinary experience working that day, everyone was there, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ben Affleck even Jennifer Garner was there that day, hanging out, watching. It was alot of fun.

    Me: Are you working on a new film?

    Antonio: Yes I have been working on a new film. It’s called “Their Unique Journey Inside Hollywood”.

    Me: What’s it about?

    Antonio: It’s an in depth look into how friends of mine have made a success in Hollywood…Everyone who is successful has had to follow a unique path to make it in Hollywood. It’s not like being a Doctor. You know after you finish Med School, you will be a doctor but in the entertainment industry, there is no such true path to success.

    Me: Sounds like an interesting movie, I can’t wait to see it. Who’s in it?

    Antonio: Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Vince Vaughn…and the list goes on.

    Me: When’s it coming out?

    Antonio: we are in the process of editing in post at the moment. We have a release date set for January 2013. We’ll see what happens.

    Me: Well thank you for taking some time to sit down with me.

    Antonio: It was my pleasure..

    Well that was my interview with the very talented Antonio Racciano, here in beautiful Toronto at the film festival.