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Cheating husband humiliated with giant billboard ad by wife.



Husbands cheat at your own peril…

A wife has exacted revenge on her cheating husband by taking out a giant billboard ad where she exposed the goings of her husband.

The billboard erected on a busy avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina, is written in the style of a MasterCard commercial and details how ‘Jennifer’ discovered her husband’s infidelity.

It reads: ‘Michael- GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account – Priceless. -Jennifer.’

But the best part is the sly footnote at the bottom of the ad: ‘Tell Jessica you’re moving in!’

Hmm, quite delicious.

To date the ad has managed to catch the attention of passerby’s as traffic has slowed on account of the unusual ad.

Told one individual to Fox News: ‘I love that woman. Good for her!’ while another admitted: ‘I wish i had done that in an earlier relationship!’

Yet some are wondering if the ad is simply just a clearing marketing ploy.

What though isn’t entirely clear as there does not appear to be a sponsor of the billboard at hand. Yet.

The company that erected the billboard has to date declined to comment on the ad, whilst no one has yet stepped forward to claim responsibility for the sign. Of course one wonders if Michael will really be moving in with Jessica….maybe next time Jennifer might go the extra distance and reveal the surname of her husband or at the very least a provide a fuzzy picture with an arrow over Michael’s head….

Update: On Thursday, a new electronic billboard appeared at the same location that reads: “Jessica – Meet me at Yodaddy’s at 7:00 p.m. for some wine therapy. -Jennifer.”

After contacting Kotis Developments, the company that owns Yo Daddy’s and several other Greensboro restaurants, FOX8 determined Kotis also owns the digital billboard that was erected last month.



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