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Jacob Tyler Roberts wanted suicide by cops cause his pregnant girlfriend left him.

Jacob Tyler Roberts
Jacob Tyler Roberts via facebook
 Jacob Tyler Roberts
Jacob Tyler Roberts via facebook

Jacob Tyler Roberts got drunk and missed his flight. Had sunk into despair.

Jacob Tyler Roberts Facebook page reveals he was an alcoholic and liked guns.

Jacob Tyler Roberts, Oregon mall gunman had planned to move to Hawaii but missed flight at last minute.

Oregon mall gunman identified as 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts. Used stolen rifle. Would have killed more had his gun not jammed.

Gunman goes on shooting spree that kills three including self at Oregon mall.

According to a report via the huffingtonpost it seems so distressed was Jacob Tyler Roberts with the way things had been evolving in his life of late that a close friend of his has come to the belief that the Clackamas County gunman may have sought a fiery death via suicide by cops.

huffpo: Roberts’ friend and former classmate Jordan Morrison told The Huffington Post that he thought a recent break-up between Roberts and his girlfriend could have led to the tragedy. “Maybe [the break-up] pushed him over the edge,” Morrison said, adding that the last time he spoke with Roberts, his friend said he thought his girlfriend was pregnant. “Honestly, he wanted suicide by cops [is] what I think happened.”

The above comments closely correlate those made by other individuals who had known Jacob Tyler Roberts over the last few months.

Of particular note is the fact that over the summer Roberts and a woman had been evicted from an apartment they had been renting as well as it is understood that Roberts had recently ended a love affair (the same woman he lived with?) which according to one woman, Rosalie DeDore, a friend of Robert’s step father’s was another anticlimax to an escalating series of affairs and events that had ended badly for the young man.

Said DeDore: “After that, everything kind of fell apart for him.”

Coalescing statements made in reference to Roberts via those who knew him via Facebook, huffpo offers the following remarks:

Most of Roberts’ former friends and classmates are hesitant to discuss him with the media. They have, however, used Facebook to share their thoughts about the case.

“I grew up with this kid, at one point loved this kid, and I never thought be [sic] could be capable of doing something like this,” Brooke Baker, who said she has known Roberts since she was 6, wrote. “I have no words for why his happened. I’m sorry for the people he killed and injured and my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering.”

Alexis Marshall described Roberts as her ex-boyfriend and said they were “pretty close.” “He hung out in Milwaukie a lot and around the mall area,” she said. “He use to ride BMX. He was a good guy — never in a million yrs.” [sic].

Danie Hayes also claimed to be an ex-girlfriend of Roberts. “We went to my junior prom together,” she said. “What he did was horrifying. But everyone needs to know that he was never a mean person. I don’t know what was going through his mind when he did this.”

At present authorities have yet to offer an official explanation as to what motivated the young man as they are still piecing together evidence and his actions leading up to the shoot out.

That said one interesting piece of the puzzle that may offer investigators clues is the fact that the young man had been destined to move to Hawaii this Friday/Saturday past but something untoward is said to have happened last minute that put those plans into jeopardy and now close friends believe over the point of no return.