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Eleven year old Utah school boy pulls out gun on fellow student after parents encouraged him to carry gun.

Isabel Rios
Isabel Rios
Isabel Rios
Isabel Rios

America has a whole lot of guns waiting to be used by willing participants.

In the continual dialogue of why America really is a very dangerous place to live in after all comes the story of one eleven year old Utah boy, a sixth grader at West Kearns Elementary who took it upon himself to pull out a gun and place it against another eleven year old’s head.

Said Isabel Rios: ‘I told him I was going to tell, but he said, “If you tell, I’m going to kill you.”’

And naturally because the eleven year old boy threatened to blow everybody’s head in if anyone reported him, all the kids who witnessed the event all kept hush, until much later that afternoon when two students thought better and alerted a teacher.

Said Ben Horsley, spokesman for the Granite School District:

‘Once the teacher knew there was a weapon in the classroom, the student was apprehended within 30 to 45 seconds.’ 

And why did the eleven year old boy bring the gun to school anyway?

Told one unidentified parent: ‘He told other students that the gun he brought his parents gave it to him for protection because of what happened in Connecticut.’

Which makes complete sense. Right? Or maybe not?

The fuss of an eleven year old running around with a gun (for protection against other possible eleven year olds running with guns no doubt) also led to parents at the school expressing alarm that they had to find out via the news later that evening that some bad shit happened at the school instead of them receiving a phone call from the school directly.

The moral of the lesson? We’re only a news story or two away from the next school shooting, but that’s just me thinking the worst given our national preoccupation with violence and being violent. So naturally I’m over reacting. Or am I?

Who knows perhaps might be a good time to talk to our politicians and insist they finally find some cahootas and stop giving into the NRA and tighten gun laws, or otherwise we’ll all be back at the same news channel with the same other bad news…again.

via  KSL

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  • Elam

    Sound like more scaremongering by an anti gun nut. Where’s the info on the parent’s of the alleged offenders response? Was the gun even loaded? Besides this just proves that gun laws don’t work as all schools are “supposed gun free zone”.