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Casey Anthony terrified that Lifetime drama about murder trial will ignite new death threats.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

While pundits may be looking forward to the upcoming Lifetime drama,‘Prosecuting Casey Anthony,’ depicting the infamous Casey Anthony trial, one person who is not too thrilled with the upcoming teledrama is the subject matter, Casey Anthony, herself. Why you wonder? Cause in short she’s worried you will be rekindled to go out looking for her head…

dailymail.co.uk: Casey Anthony is terrified that an upcoming movie about the murder of her daughter will spark renewed hatred and death threats, according to family members.

They said the 26-year-old believes she will be forced to continue living in fear and stay in hiding as she remains the most hated woman in America.

‘She will not be looking forward to the TV movie coming out as it will just stir things up again,’ said a close family member.
‘I expect Casey and her family want to get on with their lives. The film will bring it all back again. It will not help.’

Of course unless Casey Anthony has already seen the movie how can she really be sure the teledrama wont help her cause unless of course she has a sneaking suspicion that many individuals still reckon they see right through her and still hold her accountable for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony despite jurors finding her not guilty of first degree murder.

Although what may be tipping off Casey Anthony’s concerns is the fact the teledrama has been said to be filmed from the perspective of Orlando state prosecutor Jeff Aston who despite losing his case against Anthony went on to write a book, ‘Imperfect Justice,’ about the trial and murder. Something that one can be sure Casey Anthony has taken the time to read and not have found particularly comforting.

Ms Anthony’s concerns come on the back of recent photos of her being publicly disseminated after she was seen in public at a fast food vendor in South Florida. To date it is understood Ms Anthony’s public appearance has been one of her rarest since what many regard to be her remarkable acquittal in July of 2011. And depending on how audiences receive the upcoming film Ms Anthony’s desires to test the public waters may once again be put on a back-burner for now…

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe will play Orlando state prosecutor Jeff Aston whilst unknown actress Virginia Welch was cast as Casey Anthony.