Home Scandal and Gossip Drunk Japanese businessman amuses passengers on London tube.

Drunk Japanese businessman amuses passengers on London tube.

Drunk Japanese businessman
Drunk Japanese businessman. Why decline?
Drunk Japanese businessman
Drunk Japanese businessman. Why decline?

One more for the subway road…

Oh dear what to think, what to say and of all the wonderful memories the following video will have you recalling as you watch one absolutely plastered Japanese business man insisting on going down a London tube escalator, the wrong way. But hey, that’s all the fun of being drunk in public, you get to be giddy and shit and the world just smiles and laughs back at you, installing all those wonderful memories you will forever treasure.

Recalled Sam Napper via the UK’s sun: “At first I thought he was playing silly buggers with a few of his FX Trader mates but when we saw his dogged stagger and realised he was alone, I knew we were about to witness something truly brilliant.”

That’s right Sam, you were indeed witnessing something truly brilliant and for that the world applauds you for bringing the good shit to our attention. As an aside you have to applaud the redhead girl for trying to set our hero straight but then again that bixch was on a mission and there was nothing she was ever going to say that was going to convince him which way the North Pole was. Then again that’s the way it is with most drunks, they always know better than you and me…

Says Sam to the Sun once again:

“One by one, concerned commuters tried to steer him in the right direction, to no avail.

After several attempts were made to assist the too good and too cheery to have one more drink passenger, someone eventually hit the emergency stop button, and “let the poor sod out of his hamster wheel-like hell.”

After pausing for a few seconds, he turned around and walked out, as if nothing ever happened, saying nothing.”

Never mind what’s a few drinks amongst the whole world watching you at large?

But in the event you think everyone is dizzily smiling at the good shit that occasionally befalls us all in one shape or another comes the following comment from a reader which coincidentally was heavily down marked.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but sometimes we need to think outside of the box and not see “reality” as entertainment like the trend we seem to have at present.

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