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Homeless Erin Moran of Happy Days attempts to sneak back into her mother in law’s trailer park home.

Erin Moran in better times.


Erin Moran in better times.

Has drug addiction caused Erin Moran of Happy Days to become homeless?

Erin Moran of Happy Days is now destitute and homeless.

Happy Days have long come and gone for Erin Moran

The National Enquirer is reporting that Erin Moran who along with her husband who were thrown out of his mother’s trailer park home last month for being too rowdy have been unsuccessful in being allowed back in to the fold.

That however didn’t stop the couple from attempting to sneak their way back in which then led to an all out furious row, with the mother in law threatening to call cops if the couple didn’t leave the property immediately.

Said a source: ‘She [Moran] finally did leave, but Steve’s mom was right on her heels, chasing her out of the trailer, shouting at Erin as she made her way across the yard to their car.

‘Steve’s mom was standing in the street in a nightgown and hair curlers, and the two women were screaming profanities at each other.’

In fact things got so ugly that Erin’s husband, Steve Fleishman had to intercede as things threatened to get ugly as he dragged his wife, Erin Moran into their car.

So desperate has the couple’s living situation become that the source added the following:

‘She’s desperate and quickly running out of options.’

The latest report brings another low to the former actress who it is believed squandered her money and opportunities due to drug and drinking problems and who along with her husband are said to be living on dwindling sums of money and with very few options.

51 year old Erin Moran now and then.
Steve Fleishman and Erin Moran.
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    lol you dumb turds.

  • Corydon, Indiana

    The picture above is NOT her husband, Steve Fleischmann. This is a picture of a friend and his two dogs who was visiting Erin and Steve at the hotel they were staying at in Corydon. I live here in Corydon and know this for a fact. Please check your facts before posting.