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Millionaire whose nose collapsed after years of cocaine addiction gets jail.

James Brown.
James Brown.

Forty five year old James Brown after making a fortune in the property market just couldn’t put away the good shit when he retired at the ripe age of 36…

A wealthy UK property developer has been sentenced to 5 years jail after after a haul worth 177 000 pound was discovered hidden in his Bentley automobile.

Pursuant to being caught with the good shit authorities then went on to search his hotel room where he was staying and found an impressive collection of illegal guns that he carried with him, a result of the induced paranoia that he suffered as a result of being a daily habitual user of cocaine.

In fact so committed was Mr Brown to his new vice (he says he suddenly had nothing to do upon retiring) that his septum eventually collapsed after years of relenting use. Which makes one wonder how strong his addiction must have been that he couldn’t even put away the good shit for the sake of his health, then again an addictnever behaves with reason or common sense foremost in their minds, hence the addictive behavior part.

Upon his sentencing the court heard how Mr Brown had used his legitimately found money to fund his new lifestyle and an insatiable craving for the good shit as well as the unsavory side effects of a diminished cardiac condition, perpetual paranoia an of course a collapsed nose courtesy of his destroyed septum.

His barrister, John Hipkin has attested that it is very unlikely that Mr Brown will ever return to ‘that lifestyle’ ever again. In the interim James Brown is to serve a 5 year jail sentence. So much for the good life, whatever that means….

via mirror.co.uk

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  • bad addiction problems to have a nose like this,surely when it happened this was time to stop it ..