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Egyptian sheikh reckons children as young as 9 years old should be able to have sexual relations.

Yassir Barhami
Yassir Barhami

Egyptian cleric and sheikh Yassir Barhami has caused some fissure by going out of his way to insist that Egypt’s new constitution should allow 14 year old girls to start having sexual relations (well actually he would prefer that to be as young as 9 year old) as well allowing to them to marry, cause being legally able to get married at 16 is just a bit too long to wait for.

Which might all just be another way of saying ‘if a girl is old enough to bleed she is of course old enough to butcher.’ Or is it?

bikyamasr: The Salafist – ultra-conservative – preacher claimed that under Islam when a girl begins to ovulate she is ready for marriage.

He added during a television debate on Dream TV last Tuesday that “marriage of a girl would not be a supplement for education,” but added that it “was better” to marry a girl young “than falling into sin with customary marriage.”

Adding then this too: “It is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry,”

Kids who thinks Mr Barhami may be hiding under the veil of Islamism to purge forward with his own misogynistic and repressive attitudes towards women? Or maybe Mr Barhami is just mad kinky and he likes to get in there when they are real young. Not that I am suggesting that Mr Barhami is harboring any pedophilia thoughts. Or am I?

Then there’s the added inconvenience that a 9 year old girl who may be ovulating or not is still a child who still thinks like a child, acts like a child and for most intensive purposes is still regarded by society and its laws to actually still be a child. Not to mention  that most 9 year old girls are not physically able to have children let alone care for them as well. But who knows maybe Mr Barhami has got a point, why let children past the age of 9 be able to remain being children?

At this rate one has to wonder if Mr Barhami who holds an influential position in society ought to start thinking a bit more rationally and empathetically about how his attitudes may be further distorting attitudes towards women in the Middle East unless of course he is just happy to usurp the idea of religion for his own nihilistic attitudes towards women…

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  1. no they are not all pedos but they are all fucked and we dont want them to take over the world you can all go to hell and you will when we frop the nukes on ya . ugly fucking lebo wog cunts all of ya

  2. the catholic church in the 70’s lobbying for the age of consent to be lowered to 13yrs . now there is a pattern here, all religions seems to like there flesh young, why is that. ? I wonder. the vatican was actually set up as a soveriegn state so the italian govt couldnt prosecute the pedos within the church, and when i say pedos I mean all of them were. today the vatican is a safe haven for all these child abusers, the church was the place where you had unfettered access tochildren and the trust and you got off if you ever got caught. so lets set up a country where pedos can go and live and no one will send there kids there ofr summer camp will they.

    no organised religion is the place where you do that so you have access to the entire community and if there is a complaint no one will believe you will they.

  3. This article is full with lies sheikh Yassir Barhami is well respected
    sheikh his words were takin out of context delibertly, he never spoke of a specific age of marriage I dare the admin to show the video with these accusation.for god sake stop dehumanizing Muslims, Muslims are not pedophiles

  4. how old is yassir bahami ? 30 – 40 yrs old . not very good at maths are you mate 30 doesn’t go into 9 easily. pedo

  5. no one wants to coment because its so gross indecent wrong hideous and everything we hate and lives up to the stereotype of these people. If one is saying it as a general rule on stats mathematically 9 out of ten muslims feel the same, as do every one in that society . I think there are two points here. If you rape and abuse young girls and you want to make it normal make a new law and outlaw the age of consent if there even was one in middle east. rape your children and then let it be known that the inference and the arguement is all for the victim and if we legalise it they wont be shamed. how do you find a legally aged virgin in a muslim country answer you can’t. so if you get ’em while there kids rape them and lock them up its a sexual servitude hidden under the guise of ALLAH and muslim ways. I really serioulsy am sick to death of seeing hearing and knowing any more about this sick lot of people who if they dont stop being annoying will cause world warlll . I mean really give us a break , we call you guys pedo’s here and were are just trying to stop priests, teachers coaches scout leaders clergy parents relatives and every one from raping kids and now we get this. I have had enough. you think the arab world is getting tense and pissed off when we diss the prohpet well we got the guns you know what I mean. we got the bomb u dont yet ha ha so go to hell

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