Home Scandal and Gossip Because the world can’t resist going blind staring at Adrianne Curry’s ass...

Because the world can’t resist going blind staring at Adrianne Curry’s ass thong thing….

Adrianne Curry in a red itty bitty thong....


Adrianne Curry in a red itty bitty thong....via Adrianne's twitter.

Adrianne Curry for those who don’t already know her yet (and you will very keenly after you go blind staring at her below) is a femme fatale who makes her living breathing and existing in the world as a work of living art. In a nutshell she is mankind’s answer to predestined beauty (give or take a surgical procedure here and there) and what will bring an aching smile to you on an otherwise miserable day.

The following photos (who’s the lucky soul who gets to take these photos?) appeared via Adriannes’s flickr account where you can also go ahead and read all the smutty comments of adulation heaped on her.

Photo series were donated to charity (#tittaysforcharity). Your charity of course…

Her twitter handle can be found here, salivate at your own pace….

Oh my! Adrianne Curry now tweets pictures of her ass cheeks….

Adrianne Curry is once again the controversial favorite at Comic Con.

Adrianne Curry twitter: Would like to remind you that she’s worth salivating over.

Adrianne Curry bare faced& bare assed.
300k! my boobs are a bit..bigger nowadays, but this was on vaca few years ago. 😉 Maybe 500k I'll post the new puppies
Boobs4acause For all the $ raised for Taylor & my stairclimb. TITTIES$CHARITY
  • GameOver

    No more reality tv show. No more married to a Brady. And now trying to get some attention. Listen sweetie, your time has passed, your ship has sailed. I hope you saved your money because your time in the limelight is no longer.

  • Long day

    Sad? No! Beauty is only skin deep. At least she knows that and has a heart beyond the picture.

  • samIam

    So sad