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Ryan Lochte’s sister, Megan Lochte insists she’s not a racist douchebag. Just ironic that’s all.

Megan Lochte is also a preferred hawt bixch
Megan Lochte is also a preferred hawt bixch

Megan Lochte, Olympic heart throb and budding Hollywood hawt bixch Ryan Lochte‘s sister has upset a few people. Well to be exact, bixch has upset 1.3 billion Chinese folk and maybe a handful of politically correct journalists with her comment that Chinese people are essentially ‘chinks.’

To her defense the video in which the bixch (yes I’m mildly offended too, but then again you looking at me the wrong way is likely to set me off too bixch) uses the word ‘chink’ at least 5 different times was first made in 2008, where Megan Lochte appeared in comedy talk show skit. Now why we’re pulling shit like this that happened 5 years ago defies my understanding, as this shit is irrelevant, but not nearly as irrelevant as Megan herself who is a nobody who only got the media’s attention cause her brother, Ryan has been on a tear ever since he won a couple of gold medals whoring out his image.

That said, bixch did mangle shit up real bad, see below:

In what seems to be a feeble and horrifically offensive attempt at comedy, Megan also says that Chinese people “drive like ninjas.” When Cucchiella points out that ninjas are Japanese, Megan says:

They’re whatever we want, they’re Asian.

As if things could not get worse, the sister of gold medal winner Ryan Lochte describes the Great Wall thusly:

The Great Wall is misnamed. [It should be called] like, fucking huge OCD fence.

She also says “I don’t know about the commies over there.”

Of course Megan Lochte not missing a beat has today woken up and faced a scathing world by telling us to lighten up and understand cause she’s a comedian and clever shit like that we all misunderstood her clever irony.

via an apology sent to Us Weekly (my my that bixch is so media savvy too):

This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever. The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways. The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance.

But now of course we’re all now making fun of your ignorance and persona, but that’s what us journo’s do on a day to day basis anyway.

I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today’s widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist. While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance, I realize that in application it did offend people, and for that I apologize.

Hmm, Megan wants to apologize. Kids, who really cares whether Megan wants to apologize for something she said or did in 2008 that has no significance what so ever? Not me and certainly not you. Then again bixch got some mad media exposure and now I am betting she will get her own tv comedy show: ‘Racist rants with Megan.’



  1. After traveling across most of the US, this does not surprise me.
    Her views are that of the average American, but that most have the sense not to say what they are thinking

  2. This Megan Lochte should be locked up for been so ignorant and out of touch. I can understand by those who are not so familiar with the impact on others when using phrases like “Chinky”, “Paki”, “Ni gger”, “Wog”, “Brownies” and many others, partly or mainly due to their ignorance, lack of care/respect for others due to shear lack of education and poor up bringing.
    When someone calls a ‘Brit’ a Brit or an American a ‘Yank’, there are no racial connotations. It can be well received. Where as, historically (and its common knowledge, unless you are pretending to be dumb), that when someone calls a black person a “Ni gger”, its down right rude, insulting and derogatory. Surely, as a white woman living in one of the most racist countries with a poor history, she is either being ignorant about the topic or cares less about how it affects others by the words she used. This has nothing to do with PC.
    A racist only call someone a ‘Chinky/Ni gger/paki’, because he/she meant to say it, because of his/her hatred towards coloured people. I hope no one is suggesting that white people are that stupid/naive not realise the difference between the impact on words such as “Ni gger/Chinky”, as opposed to calling someone a ‘yank/Brit’. Lets not forget the history of treatment the coloured people had to endure and the resentment they have towards those who treated them as second class human beings! Its a sad fact that its still happening (racism) today in the mighty USA, even with thier Black President!
    For this ignorant, publicity seeking, egoistic and uneducated woman with a foul language she is happy to use expecting to give her some false credibility, to think that Chinese are “passive” simply because they were helpful during her stay in China is beyond belief!! It goes to show how little she knows about the Chinese people, the country and their culture. Just because the Americans (some) are happy to behave in a crass and arrogant manner doesn’t mean that others do the same. For her information, China has a long history, culture, traditions and values that the Americans can only dream of. What culture/history can she as a American can rely on?
    It is not surprising when Megan Lochte said, China is full of ‘Chinks’. In her ignorant mind, what she failed to understand is that when you are in CHINA, you cannot expect to find AMERICANS, but Chinese ONLY. Does she also NOT realise that there is no race called the ‘Americans’?! Historically, the America’s were occupied by the Red Indians until they were massacred and driven out of their homeland and colonised by the “Brits”. If this woman did not want to see Chinese in China, I wonder why those who are travelling to America cannot see the country full of RED INDIANS and not the kind of ignorant people like Megan Lochte?
    No one is finding the comments like ‘Chinky’ that offensive, but its the way you say it that is offensive. When she said the word “Chinky”, she said it in a derogatory manner and she knew that too. She also stupidly thought America should walk in and take over China, because the Chinese are so “Passive”!! Its so surprising that she could not find a restaurent in Beijing to serve the food she liked. Does she not realise that the American famous brand, McDonalds can be found in many places in China so that she doesnt have to eat every mean with ‘dog’!! Anyone who has been to China (unless you are an American), knows that in China, there are many types of food on offer, not just dog!! Finally, to call the Great Wall of China a “fence” shows her level of intelligence. Clearly, this woman need her head read!! She is either on some drugs or she is just arrogantly born stupid or both!! Perhaps, it is about time she realised that being “white”, arrogant and simply because she opens her mouth, it does NOT make her appear to be intelligent/superior!!
    I do hope that her Olympian sister, Ryan Lochte is not as ignorant as her sister Megan and that she is grateful to take part in the great Olympic event in Beijing, China to represent her country?

  3. It is truly pathetic when redneck racists like megan lochte try and justify their racist rants as a social experiment. pathetic.

  4. Racists like Megan Lochte should just burn her passport, stay home and shut up. She has embarassed herself and exposed herself for the racist bully that she is.

  5. Total bullshit. She expects us to believe it was all a skit and that she’s actually some renegade comedian champion of equality? Excuse me while I choke on my political correctness. Sorry Megan Lochte, some of us actually still have our brain cells intact. Even if Ryan’s agent tries to spread this story far and wide, copies of the video will always be online for everyone to see for themselves that you’re a racist beyotch. By the way, if it was just a comedy skit, why was the original vid taken down then? Mhmm.

  6. she thought it was a joke? I guess when the host told her dumbass to stop she didn’t listen. The host even corrected her sorry ass.

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