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NJ Pathmark Store shooting: Gun law debate erupts.

AK- 47 rifle used in this morning's shooting at an Old Bridge NJ Pathmark store that left three dead including the shooter.


AK- 47 rifle used in this morning's shooting at an Old Bridge NJ Pathmark store that left three dead including the shooter.

NJ Pathmark store shooting: ‘He was a nice kid…’

Ex marine shoots dead at least 2 people at New Jersey Pathmark store including self. Hunted them like animals.

With another public shooting, commentators have once again begun to thrash out whether tougher gun laws should be enacted and how the incidence of gun outrage has become an ever increasing pervasive fact of life in the United States.

That said, this author has taken the liberty to paste a pastiche of comments from other journal’s covering this morning’s senseless killings in an effort to better understand what is at stake and how we as a society may confront the debilitating problem of gun violence in society.

Have a read and see what you think….


going to be the wild west soon where everyone even children will carry guns…no one will leave their homes, we will make our own prisions..or we can go ahead and turn America in to the middle east..we need more guns!!! Wal-Mart is not enough..Convenience stores… heck every store should be able to sell an AKA!!!


I can tell you what this world is coming to, and it’s not rocket science. we’re all shut off from our selves. emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. Stress everywhere. everywhere. Everywhere. Not that long ago, a punk-ass supermarket job was a dime a dozen. No reason to cap anyone, Homes, just quit and there’d be a better job right around the corner. The Old Lady ridin’ your ass? Fine. get a better job and maybe she’ll shut her trap for awhile. The kids bellyachin’? Nose to the grindstone and all that, dude, and you’ll make it. Not anymore. Those days do seem behind us. Jobs, as everyone reading this no doubt knows, are rare, and if you are lucky enough to have one, you want to cling to that baby, even if Bossman is a d#@k, which he will no doubt be because there’s a million guys like you out there, and if you don’t produce,

produce, produce, you’re outta here. Look, I ain’t sayin’ the dead guy was right, any of that. All I’m sayin’ is instead of throwing out all these convenient, and useless, “thoughts and prayers to the families,” blah-blah-blah. We, you-me, have got to learn to deal with stress in a positive and healthy way, and not walk around with all this stuff eating away at us. The dead guy just cracked. The dude lost touch with himself. that’s what this sick culture of ours does: it forces us to be full of s%@t, to be dishonest, to buy. We’re all living inside like it’s the good old days- lots of jobs, money etc. No wonder we crack up. What we see outside ain’t squaring with what’s going on inside.


How many more episodes will we endure before gun control is taken seriously? … It will likely have to be a product of anti-nimby ism. NRA backers and gun rights enthusiasts feeling the pain on a personal level. Can’t believe it’s been 30 years since that phrase was coined. We are so slow to change…


BS Sue, absolute BS, this shooting AND the NY shooting are both in places where “Gun Control” is the strictest in the county, this is NOT about guns folks, this is about the unraveling of a country, people having been murdering each other from the beginning of time, what next? Take away steak knives, rocks, vehicles, how about banning cellphones, they killed over 6000 people last year in text and driving incidents, lets ban those too…


Unfortunately until it affects someone in the heirarchy of the NRA or right-wing Congress, it’ll continue.


Marine? that explains it all. Those brutes are only good at two things: fighting as mercenaries for the corporations in places they are not welcome and killing inocents here at home, alas!

By the way, has the killed count here in the U.S. by guns exceed the killed by bombs in the middle east?


that’s all you need to know.  Of course, the left will go on about limiting access to guns, which would help for sure.  And the media will just talk about how he was crazy or a madman or a disgruntled loner, etc.  The fact that he was a marine and probably spent many many months in Iraq or Afghanistan will barely be mentioned.


Three people get killed by a disgruntled individual and imaginations go wild. Let me keep it simple. There are about 314,000,000 living in the USA. Firearms deaths from HOMOCIDE related causation account for about 15,500 per year. Thus, around 5 people per 100,000 are murdered by a firearm. THIS is the only statistic of relavance, but those with crusades against gun ownership ALWAY throw in suicide-by-firearm and accidental death by firearm. This scews statistics, since suicides are usually not “tool” dependent. If it weren’t a gun, it would have been poison, or motor vehicle, or a noose. Using a gun probably makes it more successful if anything – but not always. Second, accidents by other causation in the USA far out-number firearms related accidents. Motor vehicle accidents and drug reactions account for higher fatalities. What does this mean? It MEANS that reporting the death of 3 people in NJ has about as much relavance to risk factors in our lives as people who get hit by frozen crap dumped out of 747’s at 30,000 feet. Only the media and anti-gun crusaders think disarming law-abiding americans that do NOT commit the crimes is of relavance. Well the Supreme Court of the USA, the Bill of Rights, and about 190 million gun-owners in this country do NOT. Enough said.
The solution is to arm everybody. I will vote for whichever presidential candidate first steps out in favor of a firearm welfare program for those of us who don’t currently own guns.


The best time to buy groceries is when there is blood in the streets. 


weekly neighborhood massacre right on time

let me set my watch





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