Home Scandal and Gossip Lindsay Lohan may have let jewelry thieves inside insists robbed Hollywood owner.

Lindsay Lohan may have let jewelry thieves inside insists robbed Hollywood owner.

Please police officer! Don't arrest Lindsay Lohan again!


Please police officer! Don't arrest Lindsay Lohan again!

Lindsay Lohan wanted for questioning after expensive jewelry is burgled from Hollywood home.

Lindsay Lohan can not believe the world thinks she is a jewelry thief…

It seems the bad shit is getting worse for Lindsay Lohan with revelations that it is now thought that she is responsible for allowing burglary thieves into the Hollywood house that led to the owner being robbed expensive jewelry.

According to tmz, the owner believes two men that Lilo brought along with her (‘but they were just my coke dealers bixch!’) may now have stolen several expensive watches.

tmz: The party lasted all night. Lindsay left at around noon Monday, but before she took off … the owner realized several expensive watches and some sunglasses were missing. He told everyone to stay and then called the cops.

The cops approached Lindsay and began asking questions. Lindsay then asked, “Am I a suspect?” A cop answered, “No.” Lindsay — who knows a thing or 2 about her legal rights — blew them off and left.

Am I suspect? Interesting. Not how about ‘do you want me to show the insides of my ass crevices cause that’s likely where you might find the good shit.’ Or not ‘if you throw me against the wall once or twice I might just break down and tell you everything’ or simply ‘please officer if you don’t arrest me for all the yea yeo in my purse I promise to be a good girl and describe exactly where them two bixches you are looking for live.

X17Online reports detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department also also questioned other guests at the residence, spending three hours conducting the on-site investigation.

According to the website, the home is owned by a man described as ‘a player on the Hollywood social scene’ who ‘likes to have famous friends.’

At present our collective hero is not under suspicion (yet) and the case remains under investigation. This though would not be the first time Lilo would be involved with a jewelry theft should charges be later brought against her….

Don’t you wish you had a reputation for whoring, bixching, breaking, bruising, smashing, stealing and just about good for nothing shit whenever your damn self feels like it?



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