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Oh dear! What happened to Kate Middleton’s teeth?

Kate Middleton appears on 'The New Republic.'
Kate Middleton appears on 'The New Republic.'

Being a public figure it seems will always come with degrees of having to put up with what the public thinks of you and relentlessly laying out the dirt on you should it come one’s way. That said, a new image of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of the United Kingdom has some observers frustrated that enough is enough.

Making an appearance on The New Republic‘s July cover, a photoshopped  Kate Middleton is portrayed with rotting decaying yellow teeth, one supposes as an axiom about the rotting British government. Reads the cover: ‘Something’s Rotten. The last days of Britain.’

Observed a variety of commentators:

‘Not cool. I am not an imperialist (not even close!), but she seems to be a genuine person. She is young, beautiful, and privileged. Apparently grave sins to many people.

‘Yet I wonder if these are the same critics who keep up on the Kardashians, or whatever flavour of the month Hollywood squirts out.

‘She is a person who did not deserve this low blow. Shame on them. I will wouldn´t even think to read anything from them ever again.’

One poster said it was ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and another said, ‘the magazine should be sued for libel’. 

Lee, from Vancouver, said: ‘What else an one expect from a Republican magazine, they probably dislike themselves. Satire or not, it is still very disrespectful.’

Savory or not, one has to applaud the ingenuity of The New Republic in appropriating Kate Middleton’s image to make its point, although to be sure I am not convinced that they really made their point more that just creating a pr stunt that got some tongues wagging but not necessarily focused on the issues at hand. Sorry New Republic you’re going to have to try harder than that.

In the meantime a little warning to anyone in the public life, it might help to have a strong stomach for the days when you wake up and find out the world knows all about your little indiscretions and of course when your face is all mangled up because someone thought it might be a clever way to sell more magazines…

Not to worry Kate, Scallywag still adores you.

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge watches the tennis on Centre Court during day nine of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.