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Isn’t it time you finally hired a divorce lawyer too?

Still shot from the commercial for
Still shot from the commercial for Ahrendt & Partners.

Divorce lawyers have never had a good image. Then again that shouldn’t surprise anyone given that the nature of divorce of and itself is ugly business and unfortunately most divorce lawyers only serve to make that much more uglier. That said one German divorce legal firm, Hanning, Ahrendt & Partners has decided to present themselves in a more sartorial credible light.

thelocal.de: A German divorce lawyer is scaring – and outraging – cinema-goers in Dresden with an advert that features a beautiful woman who has apparently just attacked her husband with a chainsaw.

The implied message is clever, the murder would never have happened had this particular divorce lawyer been present as well as the subtly veiled message that for as bad as divorce lawyer’s reputations go, at least they’re not in the business of creating murder- hardly a comforting notion, but then again stepping in between two people who vehemently don’t want to be with each other and their joint assets has never been an enviable vocation.

Acknowledges one of the partners, Frank Hannig of the Dresden based law firm, Hanning, Ahrendt & Partners for whom the ad was made:

“We wanted to show that we’re a bit different, a bit unconventional, and not quite so buttoned up,” Frank Hannig told the Bild newspaper. “The ad was my idea.”

That said the 42-year-old lawyer admitted that some might consider the ad inappropriate. “We wanted to see if people like it,” he said. “We might have a problem with the bar association. I wouldn’t have dared do it ten years ago, but everyone can see that it’s satire.”

Hannig has already come up with the script for the next advert: “The woman walks round the corner and gets arrested by the police, and then the slogan comes: ‘We also do criminal law!’ “


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