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(Graphic) Video of Muammar Gaddafi’s dead body being abused turns up. A string puppet…

Purported corpse of Muammar Gaddafi via youtube.
Purported corpse of Muammar Gaddafi via youtube.

A gruesome new video which appears to show Muammar Gaddafi‘s dead body being abused by rebels has surfaced online.

As of yet the video which appeared on youtube Monday night has yet to be verified but questions are being asked why the individual(s) who chose to post it last night have decided to share the agreeably horrific video (I have decided to post it but I do advise extreme viewer discretion, this shit is not for the feint of heart).

According to the dailymail, the footage came to light after a Syrian activist linked to it on twitter, perhaps aiming a threat to Syria’s unrelenting leader Bashar Al Assad.

Thought to have been shot on October 20 last year, the day of the former Libyan commander’s capture after a protracted period in forced exile as activists closed ranks on him the video shows a limp bullet riddled man being used as a puppet.

As one rebel grabs the corpses head and manipulates its limbs he can be heard in Arabic mocking the fallen leader whilst rebels in the background jeer along. Hardly a standing ovation for a man who ruled his nation with an iron fist since the 1960’s and is said to have arguably polarized a nation as well as repeatedly frustrated western states overtures (yes you can bet your bottom dollar they sanctioned the rebels) to have a compliant oil policy (yes money will always bring the best and worst out of people).

via youtube

The video’s release comes less than two weeks after Libya’s first democratic elections, which appear to have handed a victory to secular liberal forces.

What’s perhaps ironic about the gruesome displaying of this video is the dehumanization aspects that it portends, as much as the fallen leader was a tyrant with an avalanche of sartorial dispositions those responsible for its creation and depiction on some level are equally as savage and denigrating as the beast (define beast) they chose to nullify. Such are the affairs of instant morbid celebrities like Gaddafi who have become viral sensations via social media…

How ironic that the man who refused to be the West’s preferred puppet state meets his death being displayed as a puppet in death.

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