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Chinese mother sues unlicensed dentist after he botches treatment: ‘My baby thinks I look like a monster…’

Xu Feng horrified.
Xu Feng horrified.

33 year old Xu Feng of Chongqing city, central China is suing an unlicensed dentist for the sum of $15 000 after a procedure to fill 12 crowns went gravely wrong. So wrong that the women has eventually had her teeth ground to shard with gaping holes between her teeth.

Having initially paid the dentist $1700 to fill 12 crown the woman upon returning home began experiencing irritation along her gums which then became infected and covered with abscesses.

After rushing to a dental hospital the unfortunate woman discovered that her perfectly healthy teeth had essentially been ground to stumps exposing raw nerves under the crowns and veneers forcing the removal of the crowns in order to tend to her infections.

Said the woman: ‘Once the anaesthetic wore off, I was in more pain than I could ever have imagined.Real dentists have cured the infections and the pain, but I look like a monster.

I have a one-year-old daughter who won’t come near me if I open my mouth and screams and cries until I close it. Those people stole my smile.’

At present it is understood that Xu Feng will have the crowns re fitted (and hopefully have her smile returned to her) assuming she can find a credible dentist who one supposes will charge her markedly more than the $1700 that her previous too good to be true hatchet dentist administered.

What’s the saying? If it’s too good to be true, that’s cause it usually is….

The removed crowns.
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  • Silver Persinger

    If China is a communist or socialist country, why aren’t there good free government dentists for her to go to in the first place? A real dentist should fix her teeth for free.