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OMG! Ryan Gosling as a child performer dancing to C+C Music Factory.

Ryan Gosling Dance
Ryan Gosling Dance

Ryan Gosling it seems was always destined to be a hawt bixch. The video below finally explains why…

Kids I’m clearing the puss out of my eyes trying to make sense of this. But really there’s nothing to say. Ryan Gosling is simply a genius. He’s always been a genius and that bixch knew he was going to be a genius even when he was 11 years old (as I’m guessing he is in the video below). The video of him participating in a 1991 Mormon talent contest (say what??) only confirms that shit.

To watch him strut, finagle and make you cuz is a sure feat. I’m even betting that Eva Mendes got a hold of this tape when she was 16 years old and committed it to memory. ‘This is the hawt bixch I will fall in love with one day and have every girl in America hate my guts for it.’ Yes Eva saw talent and went for it. We all went for it.

Of course what makes this shit so wonderful is Ryan’s hair (never mind him pushing his little sister Mandi out of the way, cause he told her it was his show not hers. Stupid bixch!). It’s a cross between Elvis Presley’s morning wake up do and a Flock of Seagull’s glam growing beyond my side lick. The matching outfit too brings tears as well and of course you better believe that Ryan has it hidden somewhere in the basement for the day he and Eva make junior Ryan Goslings.

Don’t you wish you were a child star sometime back in the 90’s too. Unless of course you were…

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