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Father beats man to death who molested his 4 year old daughter is now a hero.

The pasture in which a man who allegedly molested a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death by the girl's father.
The pasture in which a man who allegedly molested a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death by the girl's father.

Justice. Did one man take the law into his own hands?

A man who beat to death another man cause he caught that man molesting his 4 year old daughter is being hailed as a hero in Lavaca County, Texas.

Apparently the incident happened whilst the 47 year old father was tending to horses outside a barn. At some point the father heard his daughter screaming and rushing to see what was happening he and others came across a man assaulting his daughter. At this point the father tried to physically restrain the man but in so doing argues that he used more force that he intended.

At present no charges have been laid and it is said that a grand jury will decide at a later date if any charges at all should be pressed. The identity of the man deceased has not been publicly revealed nor have his next of kin been discovered.

Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon said he doesn’t anticipate arresting the father, because nothing suggests the beating death happened for “any reason other than what he told us.”

What though does remain questionable is the fact that the father although tending to a heinous crime is whether he took the law into his own hands when striking the man? Had the situation being instead of a child being molested but that of a child being called names by a stranger and the father reacting by murdering that same man one would be compelled to wonder if the father had gone to unnecessary and extraordinary lengths? Then again what should also be considered is that the man reacted to a traumatizing situation as it unfolded and was hardly a premeditated act of revenge.

At present townspeople are arguing that the molester got what he deserved, with others even arguing that they would have done worse. The father for his part now regrets his actions and claims it was never his intent to murder that man but assail his daughter.



  1. The father did the right thing, That’s one more sicko off the planet.
    He should be rewarded if anything…

  2. The girl was taken to the hospital afterwards. Sexual assault is not just some inappropriate touching, though it does include that. It is by its nature violent and forceful. You’re not just violating this girl’s personal space, you are physically attacking her, you are doing damage to her, you are making her bleed and hurt and causing her injury. It’s just like a punch or a kick, but worse. The girl was, to say the least, in danger of receiving grievous bodily harm. For that reason alone, the father is totally justified in using lethal force to stop her assailant.

    Case closed.

  3. I suspect the child molester was an illegal alien, as other sources have divulged that the hunt for his family is occurring in Mexico.

    I posit that the death was not a criminal act, but if it turns out the perp was indeed an IA, then I would prosecute whoever hired him (even if it was the father). I would seek the maximum sentence and highly publicize this prosecution so that others can learn from this mistake.

    Very few sex predators are one-time offenders, and this particular one was in his 40’s. In all likelihood, he has left a string of toddler rape victims whose screams for help were never heard.

  4. Well, this was not name calling. This was rape of a 4 year old toddler. One thing can piss you off, the other can send you into a blind rage that may be improbable to stop, until someone pulls you off. It is funny how some people try to down play the rape of small children by comparing it to lessor behaviors. It makes one wonder what is on their hard drive.

  5. Temporary insanity. Charge him with a misdemeanor, then have the DA plea bargain him down to a one dollar fine. Don’t leave this open-ended, end this now. And if he gets sued civilly, that jury can award the dead man’s family a dollar which is more than they deserve.

  6. That sick perv got exactly what he deserved. This should not even be brought to court. As far as I’m concerned, he acted appropriately. It would be a huge miscarriage of justice if this man were to get charged for merely protecting the safety of his child. While I do not condone the killing of another human being, rapists and child molesters do not deserve to live. This father deserves to be rewarded for taking one less out.

  7. The child was being raped. What would you do? Walk away?

    No, you’d kill the fucker. Dead.

  8. Just in case you didn’t read it before I shall post it for your dumbass again!! You are really going to question the FATHER’S RIGHT to PROTECT his 4 YR OLD DAUGHTER or any child from being MOLESTED AND POSSIBLY RAPED by that sick bastard????
    What happened to that guy is exactly needed to happen. There is a HUGE difference in being called names at school and being molested. The fact that you posted that ridiculous comment shows just how much of an asshole you really are!!!! Your screen name fits you to a T!!!

    Read more: http://gossiponthis.com/2012/06/12/heroic-father-kills-man-who-molested-his-daughter-gets-away-with-it/#ixzz1xh6GAen4

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