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Orthodox Jewish reality show in search of a network and one more disillusioned Hasidic Jew…

Luzer Twersky

The Real Hasidics of New York may yet soon be arriving on your tv set…

Just when you thought you couldn’t stomach one more reality show (until you are absolutely hooked of course) comes the latest news that one entertainment vehicle, No Regrets Entertainment are shopping their brainstorm, ‘Shunned,’ about 3 Orthodox Jewish members leaving the faith (and hopefully 4 because it’s always nice to bounce off who we all end up loving and hating…) to the networks in the hope that one of them picks it up.

The show to be based on their new lives already includes 30 year old Pearlperry Reich (thought to be the show’s principal protagonist) who has already begun making a name for herself as a fashion model. In the midst of a divorce and a custody battle for her 4 children the budding actress said she wants to give exposure to the journey of those members of society so often ignored or little understood.

Reflects Reich: “My main purpose is to create a positive Judaism. And it would be a really good opportunity for me to get my face out there.”

Of course whether most practicing Hasidic Jews will perceive her actions as a positive affirmation of Judaism is yet to be seen…

Pearlperry Reich- now

Also in the midst of divorce, is 24 year old Shauli Grossman, who just so happens to be dating Reich.

Explains Grossman: “There are a lot of people [for whom] this lifestyle is not a choice, and they would die to leave,” he said. “We’re married off at 17 or 18 before we even know what we want.”

Rounding up the third character is 26 year old Luzer Twersky who was apparently married after his first date when he was 19. Having grown up in the predominantly Jewish enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, Twersky has been said to have never been allowed to watch or participate in most popular cultural entertainments, including watching the movie trilogy, Star Wars. He has since watched the show and become a fan.

Of his introduction to bacon, Twersky had the following to say:

“When I had the first bite, I felt angry. I felt how could my parents keep this from me?”

Having ‘played’ the field after his divorce (he has two children from his previous marriage) Twersky is now committed to a Southerner with Irish-Catholic roots. It is thought that their relationship will also be played out on TV as well.

Of course the question now is who will viewers get to watch as the fourth lovable wacky character…?


Pearlperry Reich- then.



  1. One of the best things about America is that we still have freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, go back to Israel, or Russia, or whatever country you’re from. Incidentally, shouldn’t you be praying instead of reading these heretical blog sites??

  2. Spoken like a true believer, EVAFD. The thing is, one religious cult is like any other…
    a bunch of fearful neurotics without a life, running to God, or Mohammed, or Satan, or
    Bugs Bunny for the answers, answers like, “Is it okay if I see my wife naked?” or, “Oh my God! I touched a piece of bacon by accident!! Let me call the local rabbi for forgiveness!!!” If you’re Amish, you’re certainly no different. If you dare leave this pack of fanatical lunatics, you’re condemned to burn in Hell for eternity. For so-called Christians, it’s incredibly how many of them are the first ones to pass judgment or condemn their own neighbors. Hassidics claim to have “open minds,” just like their born again Christian counterparts. But anyone with eyes to see realize that this branch of Jewish orthodoxy is the most closed, clannish group of religious robots on the face of planet earth. Don’t believe me? Try doing business in certain parts of Brooklyn if you’re not wearing a big, black hat. If being a part of The Chosen Ones necessitates dressing up like idiotic clowns, I’d rather be a gay person living in Pakistan.

  3. If those “outside the culture” didnt have to try everyone out for size in advance of commitment, it might not be a bad idea.

    If after trying everyone of the opposite sex and often of the same sex, out for size and fit, they lived happily ever after, it might not be a bad idea.

    If they all lived happily ever after and raised all their children problem-free, it might not ba a bad idea.

    Born free to live free, as free as the wind blows, from their you know whats….

    What a great life!!!! WOW! How enviable. No rules, can eat whatever they want, can do whatever they want with whomever they want!!!! WOW!!!

  4. “oh, she’s crazy” is the typical male response whenever a woman behaves in a manner they don’t understand or agree with. The Hassidic life is an enclosed culture that has fixed ideas and does not mingle with outsiders. That is never a good thing. How many of the “children” are set up on dates with potential spouses outside the culture? None.

  5. Sad! Sad! Sad! If people out there think they will be getting an accurate impression of what genuine orthodox life is, they are mistaken! People who go off ALWAYS have issues of some sort. People who are emotionally balanced and have a happy life DON’T just wake up one day and say, “Oh this lifestyle is not for me…” there are deep underlying issues at play.

    Marriages are NOT arranged. The dates are set up with best interest of child in mind, which frankly I’ll bet there are plenty of secular people out there who would envy the social network we have helping us find the ‘right person’. The DECISION is ULTIMATELY MADE BY THE CHILDREN!

    You have to take what these people say with a grain of salt. If you want to know what genuine orthodox Hassidic life is, speak to those who are living it and thriving!

  6. Somehow these people leaving their version of Judaism totally rather than to a lesser degree, and with a bang, choosing to make front page news, doesnt sit right with me.

    These people are free to do as they please, but why the need to air all the family and their dirty linen in public, which has to very seriously negatively impact the kids, both now and forever. Selfish I think.

    Do whatever you have to do, but with class and sublety, and put your children, the innocent victims in this tug of war, first! Allow them some privacy, you immature publicity hungry kids with kids!

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