Home Scandal and Gossip Alec Baldwin and his fiance now take turns mocking stalker on twitter.

Alec Baldwin and his fiance now take turns mocking stalker on twitter.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas.
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas.

Alec Baldwin now accuses the media of stalking him

Two’s company and three’s a bloody crowd!

Oh dear it’s time for part 2 of the I am a loudmouth celebrity who can’t help humiliating delusional fans, starring preferred hawt bixch Alec Baldwin, his yoga teacher fiance and their bait, Genevieve Sabourin.

alec baldwin twitter: “Isn’t it odd when an accused stalker is in handcuffs, being taken away by the cops, yet smiles for the cameras?’

Oh isn’t that sweet kids? I have to admit I’m kind of gushing and sweating at the collar, all that snark got me heaving. But if Alec can be a bixch, guess who else can be a bixch?

Hilaria Thomas (Alec’s love thang): “Life stops when u let crazy people dictate ur activities,” 

Ohh, sounds like the Baldwin household is having a blood riot if you ask me.

And the frothiness continues (be careful to wash your hands kid after you finish reading this report to avoid the spreading of any illness…) :

“I am lucky and grateful in my life now, no matter what the motivations of certain others,” tweets Alec to his hawt bixch, Hilarious Hilaria, who tweeted back:  “It’s a 2way st amor,” 

Kids, I can’t tell you how much the shit has left me frothing and running quickly back to a non disclosed room where I can read all the glory over and over undisturbed with a pristine roll of unused toilet paper.

Never mind one day when Genevieve finally makes it as her own superstar and ‘accidentally’ comes across Alec by some dark street corner she will casually lean over and whisper into his ear: ‘at least I can personally thank you for helping me resurrecting my career…’

Alec and his hawt bixch Hilaria are set to fly off to Rome today. Don’t you wish you could be a 24 x 7 media whore too?

Alec Baldwin’s stalker: ‘We were lovers!’

Alec Baldwin stalker said to be bit part wannabe actress infatuated with the actor.

Stunning Blonde Canadian actress arrested after stalking actor Alec Baldwin.



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