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Teenager’s tweet about house party goes viral. 900 000 re tweets and going…

#projectKris tweet has gone viral across the world.

Will you be dropping by Kris Morrey’s house tonight…?

Out of Calgary, Canada comes the tale of how one high school student’s solitary tweet about an upcoming party at what was supposed to originally be at his friend’s home has suddenly gone viral. The tweet affixed with the hash tag, #projectKris (a play on the name of a new movie about an out of control house party) has to date already elicited more than 900 000 retweets. But now Hunter Mills, a grade 12 student who first sent the solitary tweet and his friend Kris Morrey, whose parent’s house the party was suppose to take place tonight have had to suddenly to rethink their strategy.

The tweet first sent out earlier this week to date has already been re tweeted as far as Japan, Australia and the Middle East. Asked how he felt about the overwhelming response to his tweet, Hunter Mills reiterated the following:

“I was a little worried earlier in the week. But from what I know, I can’t really get in trouble right now unless I incite something, like in the movie — inciting a riot. So I don’t really want that to happen and be on my name.”

Fearing that there now may be unwelcomed gate crashers insisting on making their way in to tonight’s party, Kris and Hunter have decided to change the location of tonight’s party (to Kris Morrey’s parents relief) and to only tweet the information (yes tweeter once again…) at the very last minute to avoid an onslaught of sudden unexpected guests. Yes police have been notified. Boo!

Of course that may not guarantee Hunter and his friend Kris from those overzealous of you from still attempting to crash that one teen frat party that you would hope to savor for eternity…

Offers local police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell  on the power of social media:  “One message between you and I could potentially reach tens of thousands of people, as quickly as it was between you and I, and that’s the power of social media. But the risk associated with that is you’ve got how many tens of thousand of people looking for this party because (they) want to go trash a house, just like the movie.”

Let’s hope that Kris and Hunter stock up on enough kegs tonight….


Hunter Mills, left, and Kris Morrey, right. Warned by police not to have their party tonight.



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