Home Performing Arts Pete Doherty re emerges as his bloated self.

Pete Doherty re emerges as his bloated self.

Pete Doherty- a fuller self.
Pete Doherty- a fuller self.

Pete Doherty. Not quite the cutting figure anymore but then again at least he’s keeping out of trouble. For now….

Oh dear, ode to our lovable hawt bixch of the romantic ballad type who has made a career of being the existentially troubled troubadour who vexes ennui and staccato of the tormented tide. Yes you too may put your switch blade and crack pipes away

Released from incarceration (yes kids- this along with hobnobbing with super models will always make you a hawt commodity) our collective rocker was seen this past Saturday stepping out and waxing lyrical harmony center stage in Monaco as he played for luminaries including Sir Roger Moore.

And what a cutting figure our hero made. A fuller one to be sure with gills the size of rush fed turkey ready for a Thanksgiving dish. Never mind, at least Mr Doherty can say with pride that although he may not look the part of a skank (yes this too has its own rewards) he at least sounds like the Amadeus of the rocker type.

Pete Doherty- still a preferred hawt bixch.

Offers the dailymail: He is currently receiving anti-drug treatment at a walk-in clinic and is using a pharmaceutical opiate called Subutex to help him cope with his withdrawal symptoms from Class A drugs.

The star still wore his staple black fedora hat and typical clothes consisting of a suit jacket, shirt and tie.

But it must have been a few sizes bigger than a couple of years ago, when the singer looked unhealthily skinny during his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.

Never mind Peter, I still have a soft spot for you and this afternoon as I reflect on the redemption you have offered the world and of course yourself I will sit back with a hearty Big Mac or two and listen to the genius bixch that you are…

Aren’t comebacks so terrible to endure?

Pete Doherty would like to tell you about his secret love child.

Pete Doherty would like to show you how he negotiates life.

Pete Doherty this past Saturday.
And in a past life….


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