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Miss Canada yanks transgender contestant. Vows not to give up.

Jenna Talackova. Image via noticias.uol.com.br
Jenna Talackova. Image via noticias.uol.com.br

Miss Universe pageant relents and has agreed to change rules to allow transgender women to compete.

Jenna Talackova, a transsexual contestant in the Miss Universe Canada pageant has vowed not to give in to the pageant’s decision this Friday which saw her disqualified from further participating in the pageant.

Although the pageant has not publicly offered why the 23 year old Ms Talackova was barred from further competing after having made the final cut of 65 finalists Ms Talackova asserts it was because she was not biologically born male.

Offered the pageant in a statement released Friday: “She did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form.” And it continues:

“We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best,” it concludes, without specifying what requirements she did not meet.

With news of her gender realignment having gone public earlier in the week and setting the web abuzz, the Miss Canada contestant has vowed not to cave in to what she perceives to be discrimination based for simply being born.

Jenna missed out on being crowned International Queen 2010 after losing out to Miss Korea (pictured)

Going on twitter she twitted: “I’m disqualified, however I’m not giving up. I’m not going to just let them disqualify me over discrimination.”

The pageants decision has been met with mixed reactions, with some welcoming the pageants decision as a just one, arguing that the competition should be strictly for women who were born women. Others on the other hand had welcomed Ms Talackova’s inclusion on the basis that she possess all the attributes of a female except for not having coincidentally been born as one.

Corroborating Ms Talackova’s assertion that she was denied further participation in the pageant because she was not biologically born a male, Denis Davila, the pageant’s national director offered the following:

‘She has claimed that she was born a female on her registration,” as the pageant mandates amongst other things that contestants not be married, be Canadian citizens and between the ages of 18 to 27 “but as it turns out she was not born a female,”  compelling the pageant to decline her from further participation in the pageant.

In a YouTube interview in 2010, Ms Talackova says she knew she was a female at the age of four and began hormone therapy ten years later. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that Ms Talackova who has competed in previous Miss Universe and transgender pageants surgically changed her gender to that of a woman.

Winking to the camera she offers the following: ‘I regard myself as a woman with a history.’ 

What will be interesting to watch is if and what legal recourse Ms Talackova may choose to pursue as the pageant’s decision once again opens up a fissure as to how one defines gender and how it ostensibly serves to discriminate against those individuals who for all intensive purposes are the genders they insist they are despite events and circumstances, such as their birth which are often beyond their control.

It also bears worth mentioning, that the pageant has strict guidelines that every contestant is obliged to follow, including that of being born a female. Perhaps as a result of the latest scandal involving Ms Talackova, the pageant will be forced to re consider their rules going forward.

Talackova appears at 8.12 minutes in.



  1. Do what makes you happy, who is anyone else to judge. Life is short, so live, love and be happy. She is beautiful (me born a female and still a female wish I was as beautiful as HER.) And anyone with that much confidence to enter such a prestigious international competition in her position does not need any crown or title to be proud, because entering alone is more than most people would have the guts to do. But history shows that it is people like her that stepped up, fearless and proud of who they are, helped society do away with their discrimination and hate!

  2. Good riddance for that woman that got away from you. Who would want to be with someone with the thinking skills of a mosquito, such as you. Transsexuals that went through the complete surgery, such as Jenna, do not regain the characteristics of the original sex if they stop treatment anymore than an XX woman with a hysterectomy loses their characteristics if they stop HRT. Sex hormones are responsible for the looks of all people, not just transsexuals.

    It is your own responsibility to protect your biases, so if you are so fearful of dating a transgender woman, do everything possible to make sure you don’t date one. Just like I make everything possible to make sure I don’t have sex with someone with HIV. As I cannot force people to disclose their medical history to me.
    Not that I am comparing having HIV and not saying anything to not disclosing being transgender, but for morons like you, there is not much difference.

  3. Definitely discrimination with the added component of the organizers trying to make out that she was dishonest when there was nothing in the application to accommodate her situation. Jenna is a woman…anyone can see that. Transgender is a medical condition still not fully understood…but is something which happens in the womb.

  4. Definitely she should be allowed. She is a BEAUTY why not to participate after all look at what she is now and what does she represent, or maybe the officials are afraid that she might win over naturally born WOMEN.

  5. This is crap. It’s all part of this “I’m whatever I want to be” attitude, which means foisting themselves on society by LYING. Years ago, I had one date with someone who introduced herself (himself I think) to me by Internet. During the one date something didn’t feel right. One of the warning signs was the fact that she kept saying, “I like being a girl.” After about the fourth time, I started paying closer attention to little things. I couldn’t detect anything in particular, but my alarm bells were going off. Finally, back at her/his apartment I excused myself and left. My gut was just screaming out at that point something was seriously wrong.

    I’ve known a few guys whose friends who had such experiences, but didn’t catch on in time and had unpleasant surprises. What I mean is they didn’t find out until they got making out and got a handful of something that ought not have been there! Fortunately, I didn’t stick around long enough to have that experience, but I had nightmares for a while.

    The problem is many of these THINGS are in a different kind of competition. They take pride in fooling men into believing their actually women. This is lying. This is the height of dishonesty, but it’s all a big game for them. Sorry, but they’re NOT women. Their internal organs are different, and if they stop taking hormones, they start regaining the traits of their original gender. They can do whatever the hell they want to themselves, but they have NO RIGHT to make a game of trying to fool men into thinking they’re natural women. In doing so, they’re taking away the right of a man to make HIS own choices.

    I still shudder at the thought that I had what I believe is a close encounter. Never did find out. Really don’t want to know. But this isn’t a joke. This is a damn dangerous game some of them play. Great way to get themselves hurt or even killed if they pull their charades on the wrong person.

  6. Interesting that you deem them “lost souls.” I saw nothing in all of this story to indicate that they feel themselves to be “lost souls.”

    You, however, have decided that that is what they are.

    Interesting that you are so sure about that. Perhaps it is you who is the lost soul.

    Since you have assumed that they are incapable of realizing the errors of their ways, or that they are a lost soul, then by association, you too may be ‘not realizing’ that it is you who has lost your way.

    Perhaps, as you did when you first searched for answers, you should try searching once again, with an open mind. Maybe, when you find your answers, you would stop judging others so much.

    Let us all pray for Roger, his ancient teachers with their ancient messages, his pedophile patriarchs and cardinals, his judgmental, angry, and unforgiving God, and the myriad of lost souls bound by a truth lost along the way.

    They need our prayers, not our ridicule or judgment. Oh, jeez, did I just say something really contradictory? Oops, yeah…. well, call me a hypocrite!

  7. She’s Absolutely Stunning!! Seriously.. The South American Female Pageant Contestants have had more work than any Tran-Sexual. And by the way.. If you feel you are a woman.. If you know in your heart you are a Woman.. And if you look in the mirror and see a Woman.. You are a Woman!! Pageant Officials needs to recognize the Inner Beauty of being a Woman is much more than deeper than the physicality outside.

  8. We seem to be doing fine without your prayers. The thought is nice but prayers aren’t going to make someone simply see the light and suddenly think “Oh I need to stop being who I am, marry and raise a family because it’s ‘God’s way'”.

  9. These lost souls need our prayers, not our ridicule or judgement. For those unable to see the forest for the trees, open your heart and wallets. Give till it hurts and then give some more.

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