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How a duped girlfriend killed herself live on Facebook.

Claire Lin
Claire Lin

“Too late. My room is filled with fumes. I just posted another picture. Even while I’m dying, I still want FB (Facebook). Must be FB poison. Haha.”¬†

The above are the last words of one Taiwanese woman, Claire Lin, last month who decided to end her life live on Facebook in front of 9 friends who desperately tried to talk her out of it.

It all happened on her 31st birthday when Claire Lin suddenly felt ignored and unloved by her boyfriend who in her mind was or was not seeing someone else otherwise they would be there celebrating her birthday with her, instead of her celebrating it all by herself.

Deciding to take matters into her hands (and show the boyfriend what a douche he really ended up being) Claire Lin hatched of the perfect guilt trip plan- she would kill herself. Thus proceeded the agonizing slow process where Claire Lin began to asphyxiate herself on smoke from charcoal whilst of course chatting on facebook.

Whilst chatting to friends she proceeded to upload images from her phone that depict a charcoal barbecue (the one suffocating her of course), two stuffed dolls and a smoky room. Thus began the process where concerned friends (all 9 of them by now) tried to get Claire Lin to leave the room.But Claire Lin of course was not having any of it. She had a boyfriend to punish.

Says one friend, Chung Hsin: “Be calm, open the window, put out the charcoal fire, please, I beg you.”

to which Claire Lin responds: “The fumes are suffocating. They fill my eyes with tears. Don’t write me anymore.”

After 67 minutes of back and thro Claire Lin finally succumbed to asphyxiation. At present it is not known whether any of her friends attempted to call police or even knew where to send them had they thought to send the police.

Her boyfriend arrived the next day to his utmost grief to discover her body….

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  1. Is people who is fighting against cancer people who have faith in a new beginning and this girl waste her life just because she want it ūüôĀ

  2. I guess the real question is, why did no one call the cops, OR even just go to her residence instead of wasting time on FB trying to talk her out of it.

  3. why do girls pick dbags as their boyfriends?

    not blaming her. Just choose more wisely. He may be good looking, tall, and have muscles or money or whatever, BUT JUST PICK SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT YOU.


  4. why was her name and picture made public? dead as she is, she still has the right to confidentiality…

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