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Sinead O’Connor had no idea she was marrying a crackhead.

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Love don’t live here anymore…

Kids, I have to be honest me and the chipmunks, Fyodor and Mazeltov are in a sea of deep despondence this morning over the revelation that our heroine SineadI was just so desperate to get married and shagged that I married the first crackhead that came my way’ O’ Connor  has called it quits only after 16 minutes days with her newly bethroned hawt bixch Barry Herridge.

chicagotribune: It seems the singer’s decision to bring her new husband, a drug-abuse counselor, along for a marijuana search in a seedy portion of Las Vegas on the night of their wedding wasn’t such a great call.

In fact, the way O’Connor tells it, the newlyweds ended up with a drug somewhat harder than pot.

Elaborating on the “wild ride,” she told British tabloid The Sun: “We ended up in a cab in some place that was quite dangerous. I wasn’t scared — but a drugs counselor. What was I thinking?

“Then I was handed a load of crack,” she added. “Barry was very frightened — that kind of messed everything up a bit, really.”

Hmm a drug counselor looking to buy and smoke the good shit up. That sounds pretty much right to me, and this shook Sinead up? After all it’s no secret the best counselors are current or at least recovering addicts. But what was the problem? It was the wedding night, maybe she should have just let one rip for old times sake and sit back in that taxi and wack that stem to her lips and blast off to oblivion. After all nothing says more than love than a big piece of rock being turned into smithereens in your brain whilst your lover gently fondles your private parts.

And for a 4th time in a row, even this marriage felt wonderful until sitting in the back of a cab moments after the wedding cake had been cut our hero 45 year old Sinnead realized something was amiss when her newly wedded 38 year old husband (whom she randomly met after a mass appeal for an instant husband) was trying to score the good shit down the road.

“It felt like I was living in a coffin,” she also told The Sun. “It was going to be a coffin for both of us, and I saw him crushed. The whole reason I ended it was out of respect and love for the man.”

It seems that the experience has crushed O’Connor too — or damaged her libido, at least. The singer — who famously went hunting for “a very sweet sex-starved man” earlier this year — said she doesn’t plan to date anyone for awhile.

The moral of the lesson? Sometimes its wise to take the car for a spin before you pay full premium for it than to only to then watch it break down halfway down the street. Just cause one wishes something to work out doesn’t mean it will work out…

Stranger things have happened even to ex pop stars…

The letter Sinnead first sent out after deciding to dissolve her marriage. No mention of the good shit was then cited....