Home Scandal and Gossip Roberto Cavalli is the designated hot bitch of Miami Beach.

Roberto Cavalli is the designated hot bitch of Miami Beach.

Images sourced; Pichichi/Splash
Images sourced; Pichichi/Splash Roberto Cavallit to self: "I am the designated hot bitch of South Beach."

Kids, the more I keep looking at the above pictures, the more I want to run to the local 7-11 and buy myself an electric jack hammer or where ever it is that you can buy such things to pry one’s eyeballs open. But then again this is Robero Cavalli slumming it the only way he knows how. Hawt bixch!

dailymail.co.uk: Roberto seemed happy to strut his stuff on the sands of Miami beach in the barely there ensemble while his girlfriend showed off her youthful figure in a tiny purple bikini.

The Italian designer accessorised only with a chunky watch, perhaps ensuring an all over body tan.

Yes let’s be honest, facilitating a maximum tan is after all the name of the game know that all them hawt bixches are gallivanting their glamor asses at this weeks Miami Art Basel.

'La Dolce VIta...One day I will remember to glue my tongue back in my mouth."

After taking a stroll on the white shoreline he settled down for a spot of relaxation on a sunlounger. 

Luckily his female companion was on hand to ensure he didn’t burn in the strong sunlight and helped him rub in his suntan lotion.

The stunning brunette showed off her enviable curves and her impressive tan in the lilac spotted two piece. 

The woman also showed off an intricate tattoo across the bottom of her back.

Kids do you get the impression this bixch is on retainer? Cause if she is I want to pull out last year’s masquerade outfit and fly down to Miami beach and ingratiate myself with Roberto. Then again he might make me get down on my knees to fully ingratiate myself and if so I will remember to bring an unopened bottle of mouthwash, a tight fitting tank top and my mounting school tuition debts. A bixch has got to do what they got to do right?

"Yes it's time for my rubdown Debra. Take out the honey and milk..."

While it seemed Roberto enjoying the relaxation he was in fact also mixing business with pleasure and sat next to his Apple Mac.

When it was time to go his girlfriend donned a sarong and a jumper while the Italian rocked double denim with a light shirt and darker jeans.

It appeared he like the look so much he stayed in it until the evening and was seen attending an event later that evening in the same ensemble.

Sitting there in front of his Apple Mac catching up on his favorite gossip topics, ordering custom made toupee (please don’t tell me that mop on Roberto’s head isn’t a dead raccoon?) and wondering to himself if there were any more willing 19 year olds to fly in to tend to his special needs…

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"That's right, nice and slowly. Just like the way I taught you, nice tight circles..."
"Wait. Did you hear that? It sounded like a camera clicking? Maybe I better go for a walk. I'd hate to be seen by some paparazzo."
"Hmm, it must have been a figment of my imagination. Let's go home where I can properly nurse your sunburn....hmm"