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NY Police on high alert after mail bomb sent to Deutsche Bank CEO in Frankfurt, Germany.

Josef Ackerman
Josef Ackerman

Was it going to come down to this?

Authorities today are on high alertpursuant to intercepting a bomb being mailed to the office of Deutsche Bank’s CEO, Josef Ackermann. Currently no one can be sure if the bomb is a consequence of a personal grievance between the sender and Mr Ackermann or what it is most likely be, a symbolic terrorist act aimed to intimidate the financial sector who in recent months have been world wide attention for their perceived transgressions.

What may be of interesting note is that Deutshce Bank is the world’s third largest bank and that Mr Ackermann has been a key adviser to the German government of the European banking crises.

At present mail rooms here in the US have been put on high alert for any suspicious packages.

ny1In a statement, U.S. authorities said “The FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force is working with German authorities to assess the incident in Frankfurt and any potential threat to facilities or people here. There is no specific threat to New York associated with the incident at this time.”

Time will tell if this is just a one off incident or a new concentrated effort to disarm the financial industry as a result of populist outrage.