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Barclays’ disgraced Bob Diamond’s daughter Nell, tweets ‘go ahead and hold my dick.’

Nell Diamond and friend. Happy to 'piss' over the common person.
Nell Diamond and friend. Happy to 'piss' over the common person.

No one is more entitled than rich ivy league groomed bankers who piss all over the common person. But what do I know, I’m just a tabloid hack reporting on the power tantrums of self entitled obnoxious brats who should look for a sliver of humility instead of directing denigrating remarks to politicians after her daddy is mired in complicit behavior that ultimately betrays the common person who time after time is always asked to pick up the check for the bad behavior of the banking elite.

The above tirade on my part has been elicited pursuant to the daughter of Bob Diamond, the Barclays banker and CEO who has stepped down after his traders were caught rigging interest rates, going on twitter and arrogantly having a go at British politicians George Osborne and Ed Miliband who brought Barclay’s bank bad behavior to account.

Rather than staying quiet and even acknowledging the disgraceful behavior of Barclays and one supposes similar banks where it is understood a fraternity of manipulation is the preferred go, Nell Diamond has the audacity to go on twitter (it is understood she quickly relented and took down the comment, can anyone guess why?) and make vulgar comments: ‘go ahead and hold my dick.’

Nell, I for one don’t mind you living large and lush (I know the dailymail are certainly peeved off that you get to live a privileged life but that I know comes with the territory of being the offspring of a highly paid banker- yes kids she sits at front row during fashion week and is pals with fashionable types) as it is your prerogative. But I must say some degree of courtesy and respect to the common person who doesn’t have your millions to fall back on (Bob Diamond is going bye bye on a 35 million pound golden parachute) would do you and I imagine the public some good.

It’s one thing to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar but my dear it is another thing to insult our bloody intelligence when you do get caught in such vile terms.

By the way kids, Nell works as an analyst for Deutsche Bank, where she puts in 14 hour work days, which should inform us she is not ignorant to the manipulation that investment bankers can wreak but perversely is proud of the exploitative behavior of these institutions that will always come crying to the taxpayer when they make collosal bad trades.

Let’s hope Nell and other bankers and the offspring of privileged citizens going forward show us the public a hint of humility in the future, especially when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, but of course that too is probably wishful thinking too. HMD Nell…

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Retorted one guardian uk commentator:

Then she should hold her mouth. Like someone with any intelligence would do.

Her dirty little comment shows exactly what sort of person she is, and typifies the circles she moves in.

Have you seen that video of the Wall Street bankers taunting the Occupy Protesters with glasses of champagne?

Do you remember Farepak, the Christmas savings club that went bust? Small savers got back 15p in the pound, whilst the banks walked off with their full 31 million pounds debt repaid. And the bankers called the cash ‘Doris money’.

Nell Diamond’s ‘comment’ once again shows how we ordinary people are regarded by the banking fraternity.



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