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Lindsay Lohan Playboy entire photo spread leaked on line. Bye bye one million dollars.



Breaking Monday December 19, 2011; 

My hero Lindsay Lohan would like to inform all you haters that her Playboy cover spread is selling like hot cakes at the news stands.


Lindsay Lohan’s only unairbrushed Playboy shot released.

Kids, I have one thing to say to Hugh Heffner. ‘After getting stiffed by one ditzoid earlier this year why did you allow yourself to get stiffed by another?’

Here we go again kids, another hailstorm in the life of your favorite tragi/comedy fiend actress Lindsay I can blow harder than you Lohan.

TMZ: Lindsay Lohan’s highly classified Playboy photo shoot leaked to the Internet this morning — one week before the issues was set to hit newsstands — and TMZ has learned Playboy honchos are “freaking out.”

Kids, that doesn’t sound like anything Blohan would engineer does it? After all she got paid her million bucks right, or did Hugh promise weekly installments of wet sticky cocoa baggies? One eagle spread, one bump for Lindsay, two socks sliding off, two bumps for Lindsay. And what’s Hugh suppose to do now that the whole world got a week’s headstart to frothing at the mouth ahead of schedule for free. Them bixches are suppose to buy that wet stuff not just gawk at it for free. This is after all premium tush and as you all know premium tush comes at premium dollar.

And here’s the best part I love kids:

The shoot was a massive investment for Playboy — the mag shelled out nearly $1 million to Lohan  for the spread and we’re told the company has printed thousands of extra copies in anticipation of a sales boom. 

Hugh, never mind take the million dollar write off, send Blohan a few more sticky cocoa bags and kiss Playboy Inc goodbye. As for those extra thousand copies may I suggest a large rubbish dump, preferably one with hungry vultures who have yet to be fed this week.

Don’t you wish you were an uber celebrity trash bag whose zipper lock said expired last year?

For the entire set of pictures go here.



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