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Fashionista spotlight with model on the go Malliha Ahmad.


What makes a great model? What makes a bad model? Why do some girls succeed whilst others dont?

Hmmm…what makes a great model… First and foremost, you have to be yourself!  Love yourself, have the drive/determination, be professional, have a good attitude, know your angles, make love to the camera, and every model should be able to sell the product. Moreover, a bad model is the opposite of everything that I have just listed. And some girls succeed because they have the drive and the passion for it while others are doing it just because it may be a fad or something that they feel is cool.  This profession should be taken seriously.

Who would you like to model for that you haven’t yet?

I would love to model for Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B), Pam Hogg, and L’Oréal

What’s next for Malliha?

I am going to continue to travel this beautiful world, expand my blogs http://lovelymali.com/ and http://malliha.com/, model, act, and I have a couple of business ventures in store (ssshhhhh!!!! top secret material!)