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Fashionista spotlight with model on the go Malliha Ahmad.


What’s life as an international model like? Do you think the public has a misconception of what life of a model is like, is it really all glamor?

Life as an international model is beautiful! I love traveling, meeting new people, learning about different cultures/traditions, and flying! This may seem weird but I feel at peace in the air…I absolutely love flying! The life of a model is glamorous but its also business, you have to be professional and work the camera! People may think that its simple and easy to model but I challenge you to get in front of the camera and work it!

Do models actually like each other or do they avoid each other?

I am going to speak for myself when I say that I love models! I have love for everyone…its all love! I have encountered many models that have egocentric personalities…but that is their own issues.  A lot of models are jealous or insecure- that stems from within and nothing can change that problem but the source!

How do people react when they find out you are a model? Or do they just assume it? Or do you make up stories like you are the make up artist? (haha- I used to model in Milan and Paris as a young boy in my 20’s and I would tell the most amazing fibs…ha)

A lot of people assume that I am… and usually they start to ask a slew of questions. Such as what does your diet consists of? You must work out all of the time in order to keep that body? Why aren’t you 6’2? What is your nationality? How long does it take to wash your hair? What do you use in your hair?  How old are you? Are all models anorexic? Wait…what else do you do, your actually smart (most models aren’t talkative)?  Some of the questions are obnoxious but I enjoy answering every single one of them because I love messing with people!  It fascinates me to see the reactions on people’s faces!