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British Soldiers aren’t too impressed with their new ‘fashionable’ uniform.


Ill fitting, poorly designed and made of poor material. These are some of the catch phrases being used to describe the new uniform designed for the British soldier. At a cost of $62 million in redesign it may end up being one of the most costliest fashion faux pas to date.

telegraph: When the Ministry of Defence introduced new combat fatigues for troops in Afghanistan it was hoped they would be welcomed for providing more comfort under body armour and creating better camouflage.

Instead British soldiers have said to been repulsed describing the new uniform shapeless, akin to an action man costume and catch this- too American. 

Does that suppose that Brits aren’t into bell and whistles, or is the camouflage look a bit too overdone for their tastes?

Said one officer:  “I could not help but think it looked like something from Toys R Us,” Another officer said that it aid the uniform “looks shabby” and that “Velcro is just a cheap irritation”.

And there’s this too:  “It is ridiculous looking when it is left hanging out and should be tucked in while in camp. We are not American!’

Hardly the endorsement the army fashion department of defense were hoping for one would imagine.

Another soldier, who was not named, said the jacket did not fit and the pockets in the arms were “of little use”.

“There is no avoiding the fact that it does not look smart (my wife has confirmed this).”

Well then that settles it doesn’t it!

He added: “We have missed the opportunity to properly modernise and rebrand the Service.”

For its part the Defense department who had to create uniforms (The new Multi Terrain Pattern uniform)  for up to 100 000 soldiers  on the hop (war is war after all…) said they regret that the soldiers don’t feel that the uniform is not particularly flattering but that said their intent was not to seek to create a fashionable war outfit but a fully functioning one that would work with the rigors of the war effort in Afghanistan.

Imagine a soldier demanding that they look fashion forward as s/he goes into battle. Who would have thought? Maybe next years collection might offer a slight variation- netted lycra?

What do you think, does the new outfit succeed or fail?





  1. The new MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) is going to be used in both green as in desert environments.
    They think it´s smart to have one instead of two uniforms.It will not work as good as the standard woodland DPM and desert DPM in thier respective areas, but it will work in both.
    I think it´s better to have two uniforms that works realy great instead of one who does everything in a bit mediumish way.
    Camouflages are there to protect you!

  2. My only issue with the new uniform is I have to wear it. It should be part of a comprehensive selection of uniforms designed for specific environments. At present all are being forced to wear it no matter where you work just because it’s new. I work in a HQ and feel guilty that I may have stopped someone closer to the front getting their new issue. I’m also surrounded by Navy and RAF in their shiny and well creased (maybe not so much the RAF) service dress type uniforms.

    Feels like I’ve turned up to a cocktail party in my pyjamas.

  3. Not the first time !  Many years ago when the first green combat fatigues were introduced it was alleged that they had been tailored inside out – shiny side outside and dull side in.  Then we had light colored name tags over our hearts !!  Basic problem is that procurement is usually civilian led and user involvement is far too late in the process with little influence on the final product.  Ultimately the designers are not accountable and the process takes too long.  Being British the last influence is buying or copying proven designs from other countries.  Whatever the full story is almost certainly a rats nest.

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