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Welcome to Colombia Fashion Week where butt implants, blow and plastic surgery rein supreme.


'All my school friends had surgery' says one young beautician. The team even filmed a gluteoplasty - aka butt lift surgery

bottom injections going horribly, irreversibly wrong. 

And sadly, he said, the upward trend in plastic surgery is a direct result of the country’s poor educational system.

Which is to say if you think getting a good education will get you places in the Western world ladies, in Colombia it all comes down to one’s looks, and how:

‘There are many girls from working and lower classes that do not hope to see education. They have seen that beauty queens and models have managed to climb social barriers and they stop relying on education, relying on a future where beauty could help them.’

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, bizarre, contentious, air brushed comes the vernacular from Latin America where a Mastercard tied to the phone number of a plastic surgeon, a knowing wink that a woman is only worth what a plastic surgery can extract out of her and you come to realize that the real show isn’t what goes on the catwalk (is it really ever anymore) but firmly in the ass cheeks of a hopeful 16-year-old who knows she’s a cup size away from making it…

mpossibly pert: Well, it is fake, after all. It is commonplace for women to have butt fillers in Medellin, the Moda Para El Mundo showcasing some impressive surgery .




  1. Firstly, you are a fckg idiot! Learn how to spell ColOmbia.. yes, with an O!

    Extremely amusing, enraging and sometimes
    very sad this is a Vice documentary about Colombiamoda.  The narrator/host-whatever-she-is
    really needs to get her head out of her own arse and quit talking to people in
    such a condescending, patronising way. 
    When she tries on ‘Colombian model’ clothes she looks as silly as the
    girls she interviews.  She arrives
    at many interesting conclusions, most of which are not difficult to come by,
    but she is unable to explore these conclusions deeply or meaningfully with
    critical insight.  This ‘English
    rose’ has a lot to learn from Colombianas and she should have approached the
    opportunity presented to her in a more humble way.


    Dear VBS, a shame to waste precious
    resources on a journalist who fails to understand the real issues behind the
    obvious and the underlying subtleties of our culture, huge opportunity missed
    here.  Charlet is probably the
    worst connected and researched journalist I have ever seen on VBS.  She interviewes random people, which is
    great, but cannot balance them out with views of respected leaders of opinion
    like Ms Alicia Mejia or other influential personalities of Colombian life.  Her approach to the interviews is
    incredibly disrespectful; if she had suspected any of her interviewees of
    understanding English she would not have treated them as she did.  I have seen amazing VBS documentaries
    on Colombia, and I just saw your documentary about prostitutes in India, and
    what I perceived was utter compassion, great investigation, deep meditation and
    a more holistic approach coming from the journalist.  What you get from this documentary is that this girl made a
    total ass of herself.  What a
    humbling experience it should have been for Charlet; an ordinary, insecure waif
    of a girl who choses to look ugly because those are the feelings she decides to
    project.  This  interesting, harrowing tale could have
    been told by a more mature journalist with what we Colombians like to call real
    ‘weight on her ass’.

  2. This article is just ridiculous, where have you been living stupid English girl??? in a cave?? Medellíon is not about narcobeauty anymore. Read about politics a little bit before talking about something you just saw on people magazine.  Another thing, not because you dont have a butt, other girls can’t have it naturally, yes there are boob implants, I forgot women don’t have implans in London or USA, but butts here are most of them natural, touch one and you’ll see stupid!!!

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