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Disabled vet forced to wet herself after airline staff repeatedly ignored her pleas to use restroom.


A disabled army veteran, Dawn Wilcox has alleged that mistreatment at the hands of American Airlines staff  led her to inadvertently soiling her pants and then having to be forced to remain in them after she missed her connecting flight this past weekend.

The airline for their part argues Wilcox was afforded the opportunity to use an onboard wheelchair to use the bathroom facilities, but Wilcox purportedly declined insisting that instead that she only use her own personal wheelchair. The only problem being was her wheelchair was in the cargo and accessing was going to take some time.

Ms Wilcox for her part has vehemently held that no such offer was made and in fact rather than accommodate her immediate demands to use the bathroom she was told to wait until all the other passengers disembarked first. Having by then missed her connecting flight and soiled herself Ms Wilcox argues she was forced to wait in her soiled pants for hours for the next connecting flight.

The airline for its part holds that it offered Ms Wilcox a shower but Ms Wilcox declined because she didn’t have another pair of pants to change into nor was she offered another pair by the airline.

One can only wonder irrespective of whether Ms Wilcox got to use her own personal wheelchair or not why American Airlines didn’t apply some measure of initiative in averting what any half sane individual could have figured out was bound to lead to be a major and dire inconvenience for Ms Wilcox, given her disability.

A clean pair of pants wouldn’t haven’t been out of the extraordinary but then again given the airline industry’s pernicious desire to clamp down on costs it may well have been. Either way the incident underscores like so many episodes of late the vulnerability of passengers when subjected to elements or issues beyond their immediate control.

Such it seems are the ongoing calamities of trying to find a measure of sanity and common sense in the dizzy pursuit of air travel in a post 9/11 deregulated airline industry.



  1. Wilcox Dawn, what’s this story goin’ on

    Could it be a faded lie from days gone by

    Did I hear you say you were a flyin in today

    Sittin’ in a pissy plane up in the sky!

    She’s 41 and the stewardess calls her a baby

    All the folks up on the plane thinks she crazy

    ‘Cause she wheels downtown with no ticket in her hand

    Lokin, for free entry to see the band

  2. Why is she wearing BDUs when she is supposedly been out for a year?  Why isn’t she wearing her rank insignia on her hat and uniform?  She is a completely fake and a liar.  She did this to get something free.  I served for 20 years and I retired in 2003.  I haven’t put on a uniform since then.  When i fly, I wear my civvies.  And guess what, when I have to use the bathroom, on an airplane, I use one.  I was on crutches flying to my grandfather’s funeral and the airline gave me a courtesy wheelchair and they push it.  I was one of the first to board.  And being a reasonable person I was one of the last to get off because I didn’t want to hold up the other passengers.  But I also knew to get to the airport early, to use the restroom before we took off.  Even on the return trip, when i needed to go, not only did the flight attendant help, but a couple of passengers volunteered.  So I smell a lot of BS with her story.

  3. Please get your fact straight before you blame American Airlines. Ms >wilcox claimed she had ALL of her clothing for travel underneath her uniform (what sane person does that) she said she was traveling to her mothers feuneral. Her mother is alive and well, this was verified by American Airlines and FOX news. She said she had asked to use the restroom 15 minutes prior to arrival, this is the time when no one can leave their seat as the aircraft is getting ready to land. The flight attendants said she only made the request once the plane was on the ground. I don’t know what this kook is up to but it kinda sounds like someone in desperate need of attention.

  4. So here we have a grown woman who refused the airline wheelchair while in flight, then demanded she be taken off the plane before others because she discovered she couldn’t wait any longer, then urinated on herself when she had to wait her turn, the refused a shower to clean herself up and didn’t have a change of clothes with her (She was supposedly returning from a wedding, didn’t she pack any clothing?), now she blames the airline for her ignorance.

  5. This is acutally hilarious.  No one is ‘forced’ to wet themselves.  Sounds to me like she pissed herself, is embarassed, and is looking for someone to blame. Wear a diaper next time.

  6. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration provides the necessary regulations to ensure that people in the work place will not suffer the adverse health effects that can result if toilets are not available(1) when needed.  The agency mandated to protect the public’s health outside of the work place,  the Department of Health and Human Services, provides no similar regulation or even guidance    http://americanrestroom.org/gov/hhs

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