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Trinkets: And now finally your own occupy wall st condom.


It was bound to happen and with great relief we can finally say it has- that’s right kids, you can now get your very own occupy wall st themed condoms (where there’s a will there’s a way, as well as a marketing shlepping). And with the axiom ‘we wont be screwed! We will come first!’ you know you are onto a very good thing. Right?

And like all socially conscious manufacturers (see what the revolution is doing?) the manufacturer, in this case condomania even have their own manifesto. Frankly if this isn’t enough impetus to get screwed or start screwing I don’t know what is:

Condomania manifesto:

Whether or not you agree with the “demands” of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is sweeping the U.S., one thing is for sure; lots of people out there are tired of feeling screwed. Occupy Condoms say it all in a neat little package while affording young protestors the protection they need to stay safe in the passionate frenzy that is social protest.

Occupy Condoms are sold at a 70% discount to demonstrate our support for social change and the virtuous pursuit of equality for all. Mostly, we didn’t think it cool to be capitalizing quite so blatantly on a protest movement that itself is concerned about unscrupulous profiteering. So, we’ll just hope for some good buzz and a small amount of unscrupulous profits.

Shouldn’t you cheer up your partner this afternoon with yours and his/hers occupy wall st condom? After all occupy condoms are 99% effective, the revolution itself? Time will tell.


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