Image sources; NY Daily news.

Image source; NY Daily news.

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“The people who [are] trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off. Why should I ?”     –Bob Marley

You are on your way to work and encounter crowds. Or maybe you cannot get to the gym to lift weights or do a class. What do you encounter? A seemingly incoherent, unkempt mob stationed in a park, filling the sidewalk and marching down the street.  Many look disheveled. Quite a few are younger than you. Some have a trendy pair of blue jeans and hip t-shirts and have an Apple laptop or an iPhone so you mistakenly conclude that they are all a bunch of trendy hipsters or trustafarian’s; and mutter to yourself, “as if there is a difference.”

Those lazy kids should be looking for work you think to yourself.  But then you remember, maybe they down sized some good folks at your company recently and your buddy down the street was foreclosed on and you have not heard from him since. You begin to wonder how many pay checks you could live without before you are down there on the street with them, maybe permanently. Am I right? And then there are those pesky Vietnam Vets who maybe look to you like they need a shower or more because they stepped out of some 1960’s protest and landed in 2011.

How many times have you thought to yourself your countrymen had become misguided, apathetic, complacent and otherwise consumed with irrelevant and bad pop culture?  Have you ever wondered why the people with their mixed messages seem confused, disorganized and incoherent to you? It is all by design. The Media is owned and controlled by the very same folks who created this unsustainable growing inequality in America. They created a “Culture of Distraction” to manipulate the minds of American citizens, turning them into mush. They have turned “the Sheeple” into consuming automatons, transfixed with the culture of celebrity and listening to music devoid of any value or soul. Today’s pop and hip-pop music is as barren as ever.  People have turned away from holistic values or any appreciation we are all connected whether we like it or not on this planet.  The godless have truly taken over. As you enable one way of life you collapse another. As stated by writer Katelyn Bald:  “It is precisely this kind of apathetic complacency which gave way to the deconstruction of our middle class.”

The era of disenlightenment is upon us but let us hope nevertheless that the people who truly need to join this movement are not too busy watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, American Idol or reading celebrity news and Entertainment Television to recognize the revolution brewing in the land.

Still now you have those contributing to the creation of false narratives, ‘Fluffing’ for the Kleptocracy or at least the continuance thereof; folks like Rush Limbaugh, Eric Cantor, Herman CainPeter King and Rich Lowry.

They stand in front of the cameras with their crisp blue suit and American flag pin prominently on display and like Benedict Arnold’s, all of them, they take positions against the best interests of their people and postulate that the protests are Un-American and an attack on Capitalism by protesters who seek to divide a nation.  They argue, in effect,  that any attack on the existing system which has taken a Democratic Capitalist Society and turned it into a rigged game serving the interests of a handful of gluttonous insiders feeding on America’s economic carcass like kleptocratic uber vultures dining at the Staten Island dump is somehow an attack on the foundation of Capitalism itself and anti-business.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But make no mistake that this is an effective rubric for masking or insulating from critique the corrupted element (see also: End The Fed by Ron Paul)  within an otherwise legitimate system. There is and shall always be a place in this world for responsible capitalism, one that does not rape and pillage humanity. They have in effect created a veritable or functioning Kleptocracy allowing this group to self deal themselves the nation’s wealth, using the U.S. Treasury as their personal piggy bank and your pension funds and retirement savings as a midnight snack. As I have stated before and must continue to repeat until it is quoted on every blog in the land:

“A society which is efficient for a few but grossly inequitable for many is not sustainable. It is not anti-business or Un-American to be humanist. A fair society is one which does not penalize success but it is also one that does not impede the progress of a majority of its citizens to fortify the extreme gluttony of a few. Civility, equity and compassion for your fellow citizen are not Un-American ideals.”

Why have these so called defenders or Liberty fight for the Liberty of 1% at  the expense of the other 99%? The existing social order with them as the guardians of the security of the Plutocracy has made them quite comfortable.  In a truly new world order by the people, there is no role for them. You see this little revolution is inconvenient for the Plutocrats and those who safeguard their interests. In their world, it is inefficient to strive for greater equity in society. Well let me tell you, this needs to get worse before it will get better. The Plutocracy and its way of  thinking must come to an end by any means necessary.

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