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Horrific video shows skinning of still alive raccoon dogs for fake ugg boots.


Animal rights activists are outraged pursuant to the release of damning and disturbing video (not for the feint hearted at all kids…ugh) of a Chinese operation where raccoon dogs are literally stripped whilst alive of their fur before being tossed into a pile where it is said that it would take up to three hours before they died. Which is another way of saying one hopes you’re really enjoying your fake ugg boots given the blood literally these dogs have given for your comfort.

The shoes which sell worldwide (let’s not even try to do the math of how many dogs that involves…) are often used as an alternative by consumers in place of the considerably more expensive wool sheared ugg boots out of Australia,which normally retail for $265. The fake ugg boots are then passed of as original ugg boots (at a steep cost to the original) that are then sold to unsuspecting customers (at the premium price of $265) which perhaps makes the merchandizing of such ‘must have’ items even more deplorable.

The dogs, a hybrid combination which is part domestic dog, fox and jackal are bred on a Chinese farm. To understand the degree of depravation and suffering these animals are subjected to there’s this. At this point this author advises you to put away your cucumber salmon sandwich:

A boot is firmly pressed against the dog’s neck in order to avoid struggle. After the animal is skinned, it is thrown onto a pile of carcasses. As the heart continues to beat for five to 10 minutes, the pain and sadness can be seen in the animal’s slowly blinking eyes.

Despite the best intentions of many governments who have banned the importation of such fur, it is often next to impossible to discern the hybrid fur of the fake ugg boots to that of the real thing- thus sullying efforts of authorities.

Of course the obvious options exist to veto buying ugg boots but as long as the customer believes he or she is buying the legitimate ugg boots such desires to cut consumption is thwarted. In essence the operators of these Chinese farms are operating under the inconvenience of difficulty of telling one thing apart from the fake. The next idea would be to ask the Chinese government to put a clamp on such a practice, but if one pays attention to Chinese human rights records one oughtn’t hold their breath when it comes to the abuse of some dog that’s literally skinned alive and thrown in a pile to die a slow putrid death. Then again let’s hope you the buyer are luxuriating in your new ugg boots, the blood letting some would argue came very dear….




  1. OMG, I just couldnt watch it. I could NOT watch a poor animal get skinned alive. Why arent these people arrested or have SOME compassion to at least kill them 1st?! I just couldnt watch….it broke my heart.

  2. Almost always do the animals suffer in the process of getting their leather or fur. And almost all of you consume one or the other. You guys are all hypocrites. What does it matter if they “kill the animal first” it’s still going to die one way or another, how about not killing the animal period? Because we don’t even need their fur or leather. It isn’t a necessity. And that goes for slaughtering animals for their meat too, once again, we don’t need it, people just want it. Chickens, most of the time have their beaks burned off, and are de-feathered while still alive. So they’re giving you what you want. Accept it. But that’s beside the point. This is what happens when you partake in the fur industry, or the leather and meat industry for that matter.

  3. For all those bashing China keep in mind who they are selling the furs to. Simple economics- where there is a demand the supply will be filled. The solution is to stop the demand, not stem the supply.

  4. I have a confession- I didn’t have the courage to go beyond one minute either. Just started wincing and shaking my head as if I had bit on a stick of jalapeno pepper. Just bloody outrageous isn’t it?- The Editor.

  5. my god!!!!!!!!!! this article itself explains the whole story..diddnt had that much courage to open the video…chinese ppl are heartless….what if they are skinned like this…..god pls give them hell.

  6. What is wrong with you people? I got it…this isn’t very nice but why is everyone bashing on an entire country. So one chinese person does something means the country is fucked up? Fuck the animals, has anyone ever heard of the armenian genocide, no ofcourse not because its not on youtube…….Nick…you are a fucking moron, lets just send more troops out to stop people from hurting animals, forget the women and children that are being raped, beaten and stoned to death just for speaking in the middle east.lets go protect woofy because an animals life is far more important than a humans. Megan hendricks, I think you are the most retarded person I have ever met.bomb china? China? The country that has the number one attack strategy in the world not to mention out numbers us 4 to 1 not to mention is an aly not to mention every single piece of furniture automobile grain office supply phone clothing computer comes from that country. This is inhumane we get it, but your just an idiot. Lavender….GO BACK TO ENGLISH 101!!
    I’m a die hard american don’t get me wrong, I fight for my country and will do so as long as I am asked, but americans are retarded.fuck the animals that you don’t see, open your front door and help someone that needs it, don’t bash an entire country saying they harm animals while you get a 12pc from kfc. Everything you own is made due to someone suffering.

  7. May all these chinese workers Rot in HELL for the suffering they put these poor animals through!!!!! I will pray daily for a massive tsunami to ravage the fur farms!!

  8. What is wrong with China?!? They abuse, skin, eat and cook anything that moves and say it has medicinal powers. Fuck! its crazy shit.

  9. please people lets stop this get together and do something this is i am crying and sick bastards are not right!!! Please do not buy these boots paris if you read this what can we do to stop this inhumane sick bastards!!! please we have to take a stand or else it will get worse all for boots, i would rather go barefoot!! please we have to stop this, there has to be a way. I hope i don’t see anybody wearing these boots as i will let them know what their blood money bought all pigs!!! they will get their day they deserve to suffer like those poor animals. I can’t believe this is happening in this day &age!!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE BOOTS FOR THE ANIMALS SAKE!!! If anybody has any ideas how we can help please write it and lets help those poor little dogs, i am sick over this i am going to do something or i can’t live with myself it’s not right!!! PLEASE HELP THE D,,11OGS BOYCOTT UGG BOOTS

  10. I dont see how someone is able to film this stuff without snuffing out the people doing it. if i was the camera guy, i would also be the guy killing the pricks that are killing the dogs. someone needs to skin the people alive who do this…. put a foot on their neck and see how they react. these people disgust me…. the u.n. should send some military people in there and every one of these places who do this should be shut down and have everyone on site killed to put an end to it, and make it known that if anyone else was to get the same idea they too would be killed.

  11. This is unbarable to see, especially that celeberties wear these brands and advertise them. I sincerely hope that one day no animals will be harmed in the making of any clothes/handbags etcs, it makes me sick to think someone would even want to wear this, or worse to harm these animals. I am litteraly in tears knowing there is probably even worst things happening to other animals alike, let’s end this once and for all!

  12. Why skin alive??? Or at all for that matter.. Disgusting, worthless, appalling beings (can’t call them human)

  13. Fuck that china peoples !!! Hate em’ like hell!!! Last time Japan should kill em’ all !! They don’t deserve a pity !!!

  14. @Sheena Chinese people are not the only ones who skin animals for fur. For example, there are also Swedish fur farms that do similar things. Also, don’t forget things are not that simple- Chinese fur farms are responding to a demand from a clothing company who in turn profits from uninformed consumers.

    Anyways, I do not believe fur products can ever be justified. It’s so sickening.

  15. Oh my God, it’s so awful, how do these people live with themselves? How do they sleep at night???????

  16. I am sorry what? Bomb china. Fuck you chinese people? What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Thats the root of racism for no reason at all an it doesnt make sense at all. Some Chinese people have no heart so none of them do? This is terrible yes but everyone who posted that deserves a lot worse punishment then them.


    SO DISGUSTING, sadistic, pathetic humans (not all Chinese people are skinning animals, please let’s not go racial. It only makes it worse).

    Definitely not buying furs of any kind from anywhere!!



  19. how can this freak people do that????? they just like a monster or alien.. Just go back to your planet..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. And South Africa you refuse the Dalai Lama yet our country is filled with these chinise fuckers I say the UN should start bombing China first always knew they the fucking aliens


  22. These mother fuckers will be skinned alive the same some day! These are not people… nobody can do something this horrific!

  23. Omg this is fucking disgusting. I just read the article but I couldn’t pull myself to watch the video. Ugh disgusting. Uggs are ugly as fuck anyway. Ugh I hope these people are skinned alive and then thrown onto a bloody pile of carcasses!!!! Omggggg so fucking gross!!!

  24. Fucken disgusting I’m tearing up so badly this hurts my heart and It makes me want to skin those fucken china people that don’t have a heart!

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