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Violent crime rate down in Maryland; cops just asked criminals not to commit crimes


Violent crime stats look great in some parts of Maryland due to an unconventional approach on part of one police station.  No, some Baltimore cop didn’t do something crazy like they did in The Wire;

Prince George County police, desperate to turn out some good numbers to the press and their superiors, took the initiative to invite 67 known criminals right into the station and ask them to keep it cool for a while.  The rate went down 12.1% in the first nine months of 2011. What do ya got to say about that?

Oxon Hill News: “We basically called them in,  explained what the summer initiative was and basically said, ‘what do you need?'”, said Prince George’s County Police Chief Mark Magaw.

Real talk.  These meetings with previous offenders were attended by social service representatives that offered the deviants food stamp, job placement, etc.. And apparently, that liberal-humanitarian approach did the trick.

January was what set this whole thing off: a spike of homicides really fucked the stats, so the pressure was on for the county to get some good press and bolster the opinion of the public regarding the police. One neighborhood targeted had a 23.2% decrease in violent crime.

With numbers that good, you have to suspect some juking of the stats: for the record, an aggravated assault becomes a simple assault,  a robbery becomes a weapons charge, everybody wins.  Potato, potahto; a rose by any other name, you get the point.

But who am I to judge?  Maybe these boys raised on the streets really did have a change of heart and went straight.  Stranger things have happened…

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