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Who is the facebook racist user smiling, kneeling with rifle in hand over a lifeless little brown skinned boy?

This image appeared on Facebook
This image appeared on Facebook

Welcome to the latest international manhunt currently underway….

Pursuant to the above photo appearing on a Facebook user’s page by the name of Eugene Terrorblanche (more on that soon), South African authorities have vigorously begun seeking the real identity of a man who they fear has made the conquest of minorities an irresistible bloody sport.

Here is what is known, no one is quite sure whether the photo is legitimate or just a hoax, where or when it was actually taken, who the photographer is and most importantly who the little boy is.

That said, no one isn’t taking chances, and with the moniker of Eugene Terrorblanche, a recently murdered white South African separatist leader, known for inciting violence no one wants to wait too long lest they are forced to start collecting people in body bags.

Then of course there’s the added bonus problem that this being South Africa with a contentious history of race policy it wouldn’t take that much to start the very active process of black men and white men picking each other off.

What is known about the user is that he has 500 facebook friends, is self employed (I don’t dare guess what their preferred vocation is), that the picture was placed on facebook in June of 2010, but as of last weekend the picture had been taken off (wonder why?) pursuant to South Africa’s Times running the picture in hopes of identifying what may be South Africa’s latest serial rifle shooting racist with a possible secret war chest.

Of course what makes this all the more beguiling is if you were a murderer why would you run this on your facebook page? To gloat, to torment potential victims, to remind everyone what a real bad ass you are, how much you hate colored people or simply because in the age of social media if you’re going to fuck with people why not make your hate as public as possible?

But now there’s a new twist to the story, authorities have been able to reach out to the man in the photo (whose identity remains concealed) who insists the photo was a prank and that no one ended up actually getting killed. In fact he was brought in by police in 2007 when it is said the photo first began to make the rounds but apparently nothing much was made of it then (which should concern us) before the photo ended up being posted on the moniker facebook user account Eugene Terrorblance account last year.

Hoaxes aside and perverted role play of racial/ adult/child subordination themes running amok, things aren’t looking too good for the man in the photo and his 500 facebook friends who risk being charged if the photo ever makes a public appearance again.

And here’s an interesting aside that may or may not make you shudder: To date authorities haven’t been able to locate the little boy in the photo nor is the man in the picture able to lead them to him, but your guess is as good as mine as to why that may be so.

Isn’t it a damn shame that people will hate or even kill each other simply on the basis of their skin color?

Such it seems are the developing affairs of a nation one smiling man kneeling over a limped brown skinned boy at some undisclosed location.