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Shia LaBeouf would like to fill you in on his very public meltdown this weekend.

Shia will always be a hawt bixch
Shia will always be a hawt bixch

Kids, somewhere in the back of this hawt bitch’s mind he’s having the laugh of his life or conversely one of the more dramatic breakdowns in recent memories in the saga called : “I’m Shia LaBeouf and I will spit at you all night long if I feel like it.”

nydailynews: The party’s not over until Shia LaBeouf spits water on Marilyn Manson.

That was the strange scenario that played out at the opening of the L.A. outpost of The Box nightclub on Friday night, an eyewitness tells Life & Style exclusively.

Before the performance even started, the “Transfoif rmers” actor, 25, “seemed wasted” as he sat in a designated area with his date, presumably girlfriend Karolyn Pho, and rocker Manson.

Wasted, out of commission, run out of that bees honey wax that our hero likes to pour over his face to keep them cheekbones nice and sharp and of course sticky. But this is our Shia and if Shia wants to spit water at you why should anyone be the wiser? Frankly if I was anywhere near this hawt bitch while he spouting his saliva I would have taken out my whisky flask and preyed he had the decency to at least land a few gobs my way. But that’s just me.

“Shia picked up a water bottle and shot a mouthful of water all over his date’s legs,” says the eyewitness.

“Then he put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson.”

Although Manson tried to calm the actor down by offering him a fist bump, LaBeouf only grew more out of control.

More out of control? Like swearing, beating patrons, trying to rip out Marilyn Manson’s fake eyeballs out of his head? And by the way what’s a fist bump? Is that like doing a long line of the good stuff on your fist?

“All of a sudden, Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry,” adds the eyewitness.

He then decided it was time to leave and “lunged” through the very thick crowd. “They tried to hold him back, but he kept struggling through.

“Shia had to climb over people and tear himself out of the grasp of various strangers who were trying to keep him from going crazy.”

Once he broke free and bolted out the door, his panicked date chased after him. The two never returned.

“Marilyn looked shocked and annoyed, but stayed seated,” adds the eyewitness.

One day whilst Shia is working as a parking attendant somewhere in Vegas or some other venue where flashy things blink on and off 24/7 Shia will bend over and smile to himself as he notices that if anything he can still land a spit ball at least 17 yards into oblivion.

Don’t you wish you were a famous movie actor having your very own public meltdowns too?



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