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How the shifting class wars are now making their way to London streets and world financial markets.

Before and after pictures at London's north. Image sources: theguardian.co.uk

behavior on some level one could argue the gutting of the financial markets is the result of manic behavior of young men in business suits trying to outdo each other in speculative positions in the financial markets. One is done on the streets, the other in rooms high off the streets, but the degree of discord such rash behavior engenders have similar parallels.

But less one is prone to think the fracas and discord is just going off in the streets of London, Athens, Libya and Syria and the financial back rooms here in NYC, a news report out of the Atlantic this morning portends to the disharmony now taking hold in Israel, as its middle class abruptly erupts and as many as 300 000 protesters take to the streets protesting economic reform (read economic rain check).

Between 300,000 and 400,000 people took to the streets under the banner of demanding “social justice,” doubling the numbers from the week before and rivaling the largest protests the country has ever seen.

How ironic and telling that the two ends of the class divide have begun to invert and feed on themselves. Both may in the end may be reacting to the same thing, the endurability of a paradigm that’s failing them both.

The upshot, we’re in some perilous times and may just come down to attrition as to who in the end is left standing.