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Libyans Dig Mass Graves in Tripoli (Video)


 The death toll in thus far in the ongoing Libyan revolution has been the subject of much speculation — we’ve seen numbers as low as 300 and has high as ‘more than 1,000’ Libyan civilians.

But few things put just what these numbers mean into a more clear perspective than the images in the video below.

Reportedly footage of Libyans in Tripoli digging mass graves for their fallen comrades, such evidence suggests the destruction may indeed be staggering. Especially when considering that, as One Day on Earth reported yesterday: “We have been told many residents of Tripoli fear to even collect the corpses in the street, as Libyan Forces are reportedly firing at random.

Which makes estimating a number with the help of such footage even more alarming: as many bodies as are here being prepared for burial, there are likely far more being deprived their final rites; in the streets, rotting.

These are the injustices that can’t be quantified, the stories that can’t be told simply by the numbers.