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Gunmen open fire on a packed bus, because a passenger dared to complain about a mother spanking her child.


Urban decay, frayed nerves or just a maladjusted sign of the times?

It just doesn’t get any pandemic than this: Lefenus Pickett was riding the bus  in dowtown Philadelphia when suddenly an irritated mother began slapping her child because her child had been running along the aisles. Disturbed by what he was witnessing, he then turned around and told the mother, 20 year old Penny Chapman that what she was doing was tantamount to child abuse. Penny Chapman’s reaction? She got on her cell phone and within two minutes a gang of 2 men started brazenly shooting from the street at the packed bus with a handgun and an assault rifle.

As the bullets started whizzing, (miraculously no one was hurt) passengers rushed to the front before the driver, Desmond Jones sped off.

Watching the video below one has to wonder why we as a society still allow its citizens to bear arms, but moreover we have to wonder about the ease the type of attitude that emboldens certain members of society to resort to violence. But really should we really be surprised, in a part of society, like downtown Philadelphia where life is rough and certain inhabitants marginalized and resorting to violence, violence is often the leveling field. But then again, it seems violence is the leveling field in all parts of America…

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