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Flash mob loots 7-11; police respond with a shrug.


Call it performance art, a heist, a political statement, copy cat tactics courtesy of last week’s looting in the UK or just plain bizzaro, this Sunday past at 2 am, 30 teenagers suddenly entered one Montgomery, Maryland 7-11 store at the dead of night and began to systematically loot it. But when I say loot it, I mean calmly walk up and down the aisles, look for what they wanted and then just as calmly all proceed to exit without paying.

NBC 4 spoke to the son of the store manager (does he work there?) who agrees the whole thing looked “pretty organized,” just like a FLASH MOB. His hapless father pressed the panic button to alert police, but waited for the looters to leave the store first before arriving, those jerks showed up late, looked at that video, and did not even think it worthy to take to investigate.

“It would be hard to catch people based on these images,” they apparently reasoned, plus the candy, chips, drinks, and ice cream the looters so gleefully stole hardly warrant serious examination.

So they’re just letting looters off the hook?!  This is America, not the UK!

In an effort to save face, Montgomery County police Captain Paul Starks conceded that his force is taken this very seriously: “The number of people involved in this [shows they] clearly had a plan. . .They were in control of that store from the minute they were in there taking items off the shelves.’”

Well then, I guess this goes to show that all you need to get away with shoplifting is a little bravado, a little smile, some quick timing and some strength in numbers.  Now we can all eagerly await a Hollywood heist caper involving flash mob looting banks! museums! jewelry stores! and convenience stores!

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