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Woman Loses 100lbs After Robber Calls Her A ‘Fat Cow.’


Finding motivation in the most unlikeliest of places…

I’m not usually a fan of weight-loss stories, but this one strikes me as odd. Josie Barnes went to an Essex pub in December 2006 where she worked when crooks came in to rob the place at gunpoint.  They tied Josie and her sister up, but added insult to injury when the men began ridiculing Josie, leaving deep emotion scars.

Daily Mail UK: ‘At school people would call me lardy or fatty and shout nasty things.

‘When the robber called me fat that night, it just brought all those horrible memories back.’

When a person is in such a vulnerable place, old traumas can most certainly rear their ugly heads.  The irony is these crude thieves actually inspired Josie to change her self-image.

Josie said: ‘Getting a gun pointed at your head will leave anyone emotionally scarred.

‘If that didn’t encourage me to change my life for the better then I don’t know what would’.

Josie joined Weight Watchers after two years of dealing with the memory of this night, binge eating and enduring bad flashbacks.  Eighteen months later, she went from a size 24 to a size 10.

And it all worked out, happily ever after.

Josie met sailor Fatih, 26, at a party and the pair plan to get married next summer.

With the wedding round the corner, Josie is determined to keep her new slim-line figure.

A sailor named “Faith”—could it get any better than that?

These robbers evidently underestimated Josie.  Maybe the next time you encounter someone insulted after an asshole called them fat, tell them use as an incentive, keep the “Faith,” and they’ll end up the one with the last laugh.



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