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Teacher and principal shut down school indefinitely after remnants of their smoking crystal meth are found all over the premises.


The good shit that some principals and school teachers like to smoke whilst school is in session.

Investigating principal Keith Phipps and teacher Jack Turley at West Virginia vocational school, police found traces of methamphetamine all over the building.  The school has been shut down indefinitely.

Huffington Post: State Police Sgt. Andy Perdue said Monday that traces of the drug were found in the ducts, principal’s office, hallways and bathrooms of the Boone County Career and Technical Center. Perdue says the teacher admitted he smoked meth with the principal in the principal’s office.

While investigators do not believe the school was used as a meth lab, (but would it surprise you?) Principal Phipps faces charges of purchasing illegal amounts of Sudafed; Turley, for manufacturing meth.

The moral of the lesson? Why despair when you can always get high with the school principal too?

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