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Rupert Murdoch assaulted: what goes round finally comes round.

Image sources: Sky news.
Image sources: Sky news.

We seem to be living in very dizzy times in the media world of late. With the recent shuttering of Rupert Murdoch’s NOTW for what many claim to be some underhanded media practices should we be surprised that the very people responsible for such misdeeds are now in the firing line for their own dose of bad medicine.

Welcome to the hellish existence of New’s Corps Rupert Murdoch who it seems of late can’t get any respite from what must clearly be one of the media heads worst years ever. With public apologies, loss of advertisers, the media world singling him out as a pariah and his key employees being arrested for journalistic misdeeds comes the slap that must hurt most of all- that of a white foam pie.

Whilst testifying before a British Parliament committee pursuant to the recent NOTW fracas, British activist Johnny Marbles arose out of his chair and approached Rupert Murdoch before pelting him with what appears to be a custard pie. From there Mr Marbles was then met with a volley of slaps from Mr Murdch’s wife, Wendi, (such a fierce lass indeed) before being eventually subdued and arrested.

Aside from questions as to how Mr Marbles managed to get into the meeting, the public must be wondering when will it end for Mr Murdoch who for the longest time has held a stranglehold of public affairs particularly in the UK and with his journalistic might been able to marginalize discussions, particularly with his behemoth entity here in the States- FOX news.

The truth will probably be that it wont end for Mr Murdoch who over the course of 40-50 years in the business has proven to be one of its shrewdest players. It may well may be true that Mr Murdoch may have implicitly sanctioned the bad behavior of some of the journalistic standards within his empire but in the end as much it’s always nice to have images of the ogre monster getting his, you can rest assure that in the oven a mother custard pie is baking that has the public’s name cryptically attached to it. Never mind the big slice reserved for Johhny Marbles.



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