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Voula Duval: ‘In search of a Trophy Wife.’


Mickey Sumner, Voula Duval, Anastasia Ganias

VWD: Well one night I had Hugh come and join me and a few friends at the Soho house to see the film. So I’m about to show it to him on the laptop when he gets up and asks if management close the whole floor to ourselves to watch it on the screen.  I’m like ‘No- Hugh.’ In the end I think half the party upstairs came downstairs to watch it.

SCV: I heard it also got a private showing in Cannes recently?

VWD: Yes it did. In fact it was so well received that I was able to return to the US and start shopping for funds for a full length feature. As of right now that looks set in motion and we anticipate shooting will begin in the fall next year.

SCV: With the same cast?

SW: Well, there’s a lot of buzz names floating around, and this being Hollywood and financing- we’re not quite sure yet.

It’s at this moment a huge Hollywood name is whispered to me that I promise not to reveal.

VWD: Look I’m 90 % sure we’re going to stay with the present cast, but until we start shooting we’re going to keep a tight lid on this.

SCV: And what immediate plans do you have for the short?

SW: We’ve been invited to participate at Los Angeles’ Outfest film festival– commencing Jul 7- so of course we’re really excited about that. We’re showing Jul 15. (you can buy tickets here)

SCV: And beyond that Voula what else should we expect from you?

VWD: I’m exploring. I’m getting to know the players. Principally I want to tell a good story and continue making good films. But I’ve been spending a bit of time in Los Angeles, but ironically everyone I end up working with I find in NYC.

SCV: Serendipity?

SW: Yes- well no. Actually who needs to always be in Hollywood when you have so many good writers as well here in NYC?

SCV: You mean when you have Voula Duval as your dinner date.

At this moment Voula and Stuart quietly reflect, a smoldering grin running across Ms Duval’s face and the slightly flustered vexing of Mr Wrede who can almost feel right now all the talent of NYC beginning to fall in his lap, and the aromatic kiss between two misbeggoten girls against a red velvet mirror parlor cascading back and forth in my imagination…‘those lips need to be kissed….’



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