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Driver strikes and kills man and drives for 3 miles with his body on the roof.


Have you run over somebody lately?

It has been reported that a man driving a van ran over a maintenance worker working on the side of a road in Wichita, Kansas, killing him instantly, with the man’s body resting on the driver’s roof for a distance of 3 miles before the driver came to a full stop.

Upon stopping at the North block of 1500 Krug, witnesses testified that they then saw the driver nervously exit the van and hurriedly enter the house in which the car had stopped in front of with the body still being left unattended to.

At present authorities are questioning the occupants of the house that the driver entered, with a high probability that indeed the owner of the house happens to be also the driver and owner of the van that killed the maintenance worker.

At present Mohammad Sarrafizadeh, a doctor, has been brought in for questioning and suspicion for failing to stop at an injury accident where a man was killed.

Which begs the question- what exactly was the driver thinking when he ran over the worker and continued driving for the next 3 miles? Was he on some level just insisting that the incident never happened, or of the opinion that the dead man on his roof would miraculously come to life by the time he eventually pulled over?